About Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick

Author and Founder of Ballistic Double Bass Drumming, Tornado Chops and other World Class Courses That Give You Maximum Drumming Results In Minimum Time.

Joe Stronsick is a world authority on maximizing your drumming in minimum time.  Joe Stronsick may seem to be a mystery man to most drummers.  Yet, since 1995, he’s been the “secret weapon” instructor behind the scenes of some of the hottest double bass and soloing around the toms playing.  Joe Stronsick is a proven instructor that can turn anyone regardless of age, gender or previous experience, into a mega skilled, in-demand drummer that gigging bands compete to hire and crowds scream for.  His students have set the fastest feet and hands records and Los Angeles and New York drum pro’s come to him for cutting edge lessons to help keep their playing fresh and their clinics packed.

He is the author of several of the most comprehensive drumming systems on the market including the Ballistic Bass Drumming System and the Tornado Chops System.  Joe Stronsick has in international reputation for turning drummers into ballistic drummers who have the speed, control, and creativity they always desired.

Joe’s  programs are endorsed by Los Angeles and New York drum pros, drum instructors, and touring and session drummer.  And has helped thousands of drummers all over the world

Joe Stronsick was a featured expert in Stick It magazine.  His breakthrough, Ballistic Double Bass Drumming program appeared in Modern Drummer, Drum, Stick It and Drum Etc. Magazine.

Joe Stronsick graduated from Cleveland State, is a master drum instructor and a third degree black belt.  He lives with his wife and 2 children in Cleveland Ohio.

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Joe Stronsick

Author and Founder of Ballistic Drumming.

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