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Unfair Ballistic Rhythms To Totally Overkill Your Bass Drums In 4/4!

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The ideas and rhythms you can get by using the Ballistic System is mind boggling. I predict that everyone going through this book will sound Ballistic Beyond Belief.  It has 3 sections.

1) Hundreds of Patterns with singles, doubles and rests. Learn to turn any 16th note or triplet pattern into a jaw-dropping pattern.

2) Soloing between the hands and feet with doubles and singles. REVEALS breaking up doubles between 2 different drums.

3) Teaches you to solo over any double bass pattern. I’ve been using this book with so much success that you must promise NEVER to compete with me or use this material in the Southern California area.

Unfair Ballistic Rhythms To Totally Overkill Your Bass Drums In 3!

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This book follows the same path as the one in 4. It has 3 sections and is highly recommended if you want to play in 3 and have the ultimate edge in your playing.

Reggae Just Got Ballistic – Ballistic Bass Drums to Reggae, Blues and Metal.

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Ballistic Flams with Triplets. Putting Flams, Singles, and Doubles Together!

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This incredible book finally shatters all the BS about flamming. It REVEALS the one hidden motion that makes flamming as easy as doing a rim shot. My students are amazed at how quick they start to flam, so this is it, all secrets revealed, no holding back.  (must see video to understand the motions!)

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