Ballistic Double Bass Drumming Lessons That Will Cure Every Problem In Your Playing and Load You Up With So Much Insane Speed, Power and Coordination That You’ll Finally Play Your Feet EXACTLY Like Your Hands at Any Speed And In Any Time Signature You Desire.

Used by world famous and booked solid LA/NY Drum Pro’s

From: Joe Stronsick

Tuesday, 11:26 a.m.

Dear Drummer,

My name is Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick. If that doesn’t ring a bell, you’ll want to first read a few testimonials so you know this site is the only place you’ll learn how world famous and booked solid drummers really learn to play double bass drumming that just makes your jaw drop. . .

I met Joe at a NAMM show and we were discussing double bass drum technique and he promised to show me something that I have never seen that would improve my double bass drum technique immediately. So I went over his house and we spent time working on the technique, and the positioning of the pedal and beater. I’m here to say that it is definitely unique and definitely different and it will increase your ability very very quickly. …what you’re doing is playing faster with less effort, you don’t have to work as hard and that will ultimately give you more stamina, endurance and you’ll just play better. I was definitely impressed and I recommend that people check this out.”
Kenny Aronoff (Ricky Martin, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.)

… a giant leap forward in bass drum technique – especially for developing speed and control. He represents his ideas in logical steps that allow any drummer to develop lightning-fast feet.”
Drum Magazine

I want to thank you… It has helped me so much in my double bass playing drumming, that I owe a lot to you. I thank you again, for all your beautiful playing, your playing was incredible.”
Walfredo Reyes Sr. (Pioneer of world music, Tony Bennet, Sammy Davis jr., Doc Severinsen, etc.)

Now that you read those, I gotta tell you that I’ve been around a long time… yet I seem to be a mystery man to most drummers. That’s because for nearly 14 years, I’ve been the “secret weapon” instructor behind the scenes of some of the hottest double bass playing. Not only have I trained students that set fastest feet records but LA/NY drum pro’s come to me for cutting edge lessons so they can keep their clinics packed.

Until recently I’ve purposely avoided the spotlight and all publicity… despite being one the worlds best (and most respected) double bass instructors. I’ve earned my reputation from helping thousands of drummers quickly solve their double bass problems (most in less than an a weekend) to revealing “master-key” exercises and principles that give you not only ballistic speed, Einstein like creativity, and jack hammer power BUT ultimately… breathtaking 6-way independence.

I was the crazy and maybe too outspoken drummer who since 1995 gave away thousands of free cassettes and CD’s on my secrets in magazines like Modern Drummer, Drum and Stick It magazines. Despite constant effort by other drummers to knock me off, I’ve still been the one pro’s call for help. Back in the 90’s, I was the first to break the speed barrier AND TEACH others to play at 300bpm. This was way before the worlds fastest feet contest and while the magazines thought 240bpm was fast. Boy my students and I were turning heads.

OK, OK… What Does This Mean For You?
Everything, if you play double bass drums. Because I released a breakthrough
double bass drumming system that fills a huge void almost ALL
double bass drummers struggle with.

This system is called “Ballistic Bass Drumming System – How To Play Your Feet Exactly Like Your Hands At Any Speed and In Any Time Signature You Desire.” And it’s an amazing insider “tell all” guide – an honest-to-God, “straight from the trenches” goldmine of proven breakthroughs, tricks, and insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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Knowing the “inside secrets” of developing speed, control, independence, and power
puts you in a class of drummers that get noticed and get gigs. In less than 21 days you can:

  1. Never again be frustrated with your double bass playing
  2. Learn to play more melodically yet still chamber your feet with rapid-fire double bass drumming patterns that just baffle other drummers
  3. Stop practicing for hours everyday and still crush your competition
  4. Play with such speed that you can go on to set world records
  5. Easily develop your coordination so your multiple pedal playing will just take the audiences breath away
  6. OR simply get the best playing of your life by discovering, once and for all, the easiest and most guarded secrets that I’ve taught some of today’s hottest pro’s.

The trick, of course… is finding the right secrets. And the right guide.

…I was shocked at how good you are at drumming and astounded at how great you are at teaching your method to others.

After owning your material for literally only a couple of weeks I took my new speed to the Warped Tour’s Extreme Sport Drumming competition in Boston MA. It only took ONE TRY for me to set the fastest feet record for the entire Boston area.

But, it wasn’t really just the speed that you taught me that helped me win. It was the confidence. This award actually helped me get a couple of gigs. And I have you to thank. Your Ballistic Bass Drumming System is incredible.

Lenny Vitulli

Boston, MA

I will take you by the hand, answer all your questions… and show you exactly how to play your feet like your hands, as fast as humanly possible. From the right angles to set your pedal boards, to the specific “muscle memory” exercises that allow you to practice less but still build an arsenal of double bass chops that will have your drum buddy’s taking sledge hammers to their kits.

I will show you short cuts to gaining ballistic speed, with POWER and control, using technologies I “borrowed” from Russia, along with advanced drills and coordination patterns that just “lock in” your sense of timing. I’ve spent years honing my chops to lethal perfection. I can help weather you play metal, jazz, blues, rock or even just play a single pedal and you want killer solo ideas that get you standing ovations. And I have success stories up the yin-yang. (Hey, don’t take my word for it. Check out another testimonials right here)!

I have a confession to make. I’m fifty years old and quite drumming for 28 years while serving in the Navy. I was extremely skeptical about your system due to one basic consideration. If you system is so great, why haven’t your students spread it far and wide by word of mouth? Finally I took the plunge out of desperation. I ordered your material.

I’ve followed your instructions to the letter. Today, after 8 days of practice, I’m cutting loose with extended duplet and triplet rolls. So now I know the answer, at least in my own case. I’m selfish, pure and simple. I have no intention of sharing these techniques with anyone for any reason.
Mega thanks for what you’re doing and what you’re teaching. You’re legit and so is your system.

Bud Bretz

This hot double bass course has caused a shockwave among professional drummers because I share all my most potent, ballistic double bass drumming and multiple pedal playing secrets that I used to show only in “expensive” private lessons.

There’s a lot of nonsense out there. Too many so called “double bass experts” that don’t have the chops and don’t want you to know their double bass speed and agility secrets because they’re scared of you. They don’t want you to take away their jobs. So they’ll give you a nibble – just enough to wet your whistle – but not enough to be in fear of you.

This may sound crazy. But, I’ve experienced this first hand while several LA/NY pro drummers told me to never tell anyone they take private lessons from me or bought my system. Yet you see them in the big magazines, in clinics showering them with standing ovations…  It’s time you know what they’re doing on their pedals.

And let’s not get into other drum instructors that really don’t know what they’re doing, so they’ll string you along in private lessons every week costing you $50 an hour. And after 6 months and $1,200 you’re still left frustrated.

That’s why I put together “The Ballistic Bass Drumming System” It’s the exact “insider course I wish I had around when I was starting out. Learning even one or two of these secrets would have short-cut my own success by… oh… ten years at least. Probably more. (It can help you leap frog over the learning process even faster). These are secrets most drummers never discover.

So please, if you’re at all interested in checking out this material, and seeing what
all the fuss is about… do it now. As I’ll explain in a minute, you don’t risk a penny.

Within the first 30 minutes I was able to accomplish some things that I could not do for years with other books and techniques.
… the system is so easy and “user friendly… I am really excited about practicing now because I see results faster… Joe, thank you so much for your time, books and videos. Your “Ballistic System” is the answer for me!!!

Charles Collins
12 Platinum and 15 Gold Album Awards. The Jacksons,
Elton John, etc. Soundtracks include: Lethal
Weapon II, Saturday Night Fever, City Slickers and more.

There Are TWO Simple Systems For You To Choose From.
The FOUNDATION Ballistic Bass Drumming System and the
SECRET WEAPON Ballistic Bass Drumming System

First let me tell you about the “Foundation” version of the Ballistic Bass Drumming System.

Look: most people fail because they don’t know where to start, how to set up their pedals, what specific exercises will REALLY increase speed, coordination and power etc. So this is where you start. Here is a small taste of the 43+ lessons in your private copy of the “Ballistic Bass Drumming System” I’ve set aside for you. All recorded on DVD and CD’s for you.

  • Why you DON’T have to re-invent your playing! Just THREE simple changes I teach right off the bat will produce astonishing results for you and let you feel for certain that this was the way your body was meant to play double bass drums all along!
  • Why the original sin of playing the “traditional” way is just to dang frustrating because it requires you to be extremely athletic or have some type of genetically freaky, nervous twitch in the legs. And, God knows I sure don’t have either. I discovered, after teaching privately in Los Angeles for almost 10 years, that the “traditional” way of playing double bass will NEVER give you ability to play your feet EXACTLY like your hands.
  • Simple and fool proof basics like – the right pedal setup, seat height, warm-ups, cool downs, muscle memory exercises,… basically the exact steps on how to start modifying your feet for playing ballistically. Finally you’ll learn how to play double bass drums the right way.
  • How to solve the most frustrating problems to double bass playing once and for all. I’ll show you a 12 minute exercise that instantly and automatically create phenomenal amounts of “torque” and “snap” in your feet — without requiring any effort at all! And how to automatically get into that “perfect” balance position every time you play. You’ll feel like the pedals are effortlessly doing ballistic doubles, singles, flams all by themselves. Never again will you feel OFF balance, or put to much stress on the legs, which wears you out.
  • How a complete beginner can double his speed in just one weekend.
  • 3 sure-fire exercises I use in my private lessons that “sync” up the coordination between all 4 limbs. Works for 99.9% of all drummers.
  • The 3 fool-proof adjustments to your pedals that get you started in the right direction. Most of my new students ignore this AND it causes the #1 problem with double bass drumming. After $225 dollars in private lesson fees with me, they finally say… “Ah Ha… I should have adjusted my pedals like you said on my first lesson.” Don’t make the same mistake they do. Start here with your pedals.

I’m excited about Joe’s double bass drumming system. I called him and he came over to help me with my doubles and singles.. I told him that I couldn’t do doubles with my left foot. He said “give me an hour and I’ll have you doing them.” We sat down, tweaked my pedals and started going through his exercises. I started to get the hang of doing the left foot doubles and combining them with right foot doubles. He explains his system very
clearly. I’d recommend this system to any serious double bass student.

Gregg Bissonette –
Recorded with Santana, Steve Vai, Celine Dion, David Lee Roth, and more

  • How to take your leg strength completely out of the equation. Finally you can relax the feet and stop “forcing” the pedals to get them to respond.
  • The 2 crucial mistakes drummers make with their knees. If everyone just understood this… half the problems you’re having would never exist.
  • The “drum seat trick” never shown in any other video or magazine that aligns the back and allows you to play longer and faster without cramping up.
  • 3 bass drum beaters fully analyzed – which one you should use and why
  • How even an “uncoordinated” drummers can play his feet EXACTLY like his hands in less than 21 days
  • How to get BACK UP MASS on your beaters for insane speed and volume.
  • The “magic pattern in 5 trick” that solves all your problems with putting doubles and singles together as smoothly as you do with your hands
  • The art of combining singles, rests, and doubles flawlessly at any speed – including over 260bpm. If you don’t get this down in less than 2 hours than you need to grab a mirror and breath into it and make sure you’re still alive.
  • 5 incredible “muscle memory” exercises never taught outside of my studio before. Listen, instead of it taking 10-15 hours to solo over a double bass drum pattern you can do it in under 20 minutes. But you got to do these exercises first.
  • The principle of Economy of Motion that will blow you away
  • Why the single most common (and devastating) double bass problem is also the easiest to treat
  • One breakthrough exercise that shows how to play the same rhythms it takes most drummers 2 feet to play. You’ll do it with 1 foot.
  • Solos between one hand and one foot that make other drummers jealous. Dennis Chambers uses this idea all the time and the crowd launches to their feet applauding.
  • Shortcut double bass tricks I use onstage and in the studio, which guarantee you can sit in with anyone of any skill level… and trade licks with them with total confidence. Don’t waste a second learning anything complicated that you’ll NEVER use – instead, I’ll show you ONLY what you need to know. Best part: It’s easy, the way I teach it.
  • Want more speed and play metal… you gotta see the “Russian Secret” I taught drummers who are using it to play at such speeds it’s just plain mind numbing.
  • Putting it all together – playing your feet exactly like your hands is something most drummers never dream they can obtain in a lifetime… yet you’ll be soloing with total fluidity in under 21 days.
  • The brilliant “X Factor” that allows you to quickly gain complete control over your double bass playing so you can have wicked speed and an arsenal of chops that you would of never had unless you discovered this system. You’ll understand why Asia’s best drummer came knocking on my door – unannounced – looking for this factor.
  • How to keep your pedals in their OPTIMUM state for speed and durability
  • DO you want speed? What size bass drum should you use and why
  • Play Virgil Denotti speed in days with this exercise
  • How to play your feet in 2 different time signatures – You Gotta Hear This!
  • The BIGGEST myth in double bass playing EXPOSED
  • A little known “short cut” method to at least double your speed in only 15 minutes. I use this in case I’m called for a gig and didn’t have time to really warm up or practice that week.
  • How to develop each foot for insane doubles and singles – great for single pedal playing.
  • The real reason you have a weak left foot and the simple modification that solves that problem instantly.
  • EXTREME CAMERA Close Ups on my feet.

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find. There are over 43+ specific ballistic double bass drumming lessons mapped out in the DVD, manual and 3 CD’s that come in the Ballistic Bass Drumming System. Each lesson is designed to short-cut your learning curve. And give you the exact super-detailed roadmap you need to start playing your feet EXACTLY like your hands at any speed and in any time signature you desire.

I don’t care if you’ve never played double bass before in your life. Or if you’re a beginner and feel
like you have 2 left feet. Of if you’ve played for years… and still can’t figure it out.
Or even if you’ve been playing and just need “the missing link” to putting it all together.

None of that matters BECAUSE…

The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to get on the bus. To start learning these secrets and see for yourself how incredible it feels to play rapid-fire singles and doubles with your feet EXACTLY like your hands.

This isn’t brain surgery. But you cannot “figure it out” on your own. I already spent the last 14 years teaching Los Angeles, and New York drum pro’s along with drummers featured on the front covers on Modern Drummer and Drum Magazine.  I’ve had to make changes and revamp things along the way.  Hanging out with some of the world’s greatest players makes you do that.  They want results and they want them fast, they seeked me out and now it’s your turn to take your drumming to jaw-dropping success.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should want to waste years of your own life attempting to cover the same ground.

Let me be your guide. I know the fastest direct path to get where you want to go

I played professionally as a touring and recording artist with groups out of Pittsburgh. Anyway, I have always struggled with my bass drum technique. I have taken lessons from many well-known and not so well-known instructors and no one has ever explained all the details the way you do. I was completely blown away.

The right information is the key to learning anything. All I can say I thanks for sharing the unvarnished truth about bass drum technique. The world needs more teachers like Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick!”

Ned Rankin
Pittsburgh, PA

No one helped me when I started out playing double bass, everyone had answers for your hands but none for the feet, and I promised myself I would do whatever I could to make it easier for those double bass drummers who came after me.

This is my fulfillment on that promise.

This is the course I would have killed for when I started out.

It’s like having a double bass master standing over your shoulder, guiding you through the details of doing it all yourself. It’s your ticket to a front-row seat for the most exciting double bass show on earth. You get to be an “insider”. You’ll know every secret there is, and how to use them.

Ballistic Double Bass Drumming Playing Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. Are you interested?

But wait.. Here’s Some Killer BONUSES That Put
The FOUNDATION Ballistic Bass Drum System Over The Edge.

Obviously this is the internet and you expect some bonuses.  And these aren’t just any bonuses… it’s another 35 advanced lessons on two special DVD’s and CD. Including:

1) “Shortcuts To Insane Speed” Video ($49 value). The “special” exercises and patterns broken down on this video took me 6 years to fine tune and tweak. Yes, there are ways to get fast… right away. NO B.S. and NO fooling around. Taught to pro’s who are too busy and don’t have time to practice. You’ll get them down just as easy as if you were in a private lesson with me. I’ll have you playing more notes than you can possibly handle

2) A special two hour Flam Video and CD package ($99 value).  It has 27 detailed lessons called “How To Put Flams, Doubles, and Singles Together EXACTLY Like Your Hands.

For the record. Less than 1% of drummer’s flam with their bass drums. They just don’t know how or believe it’s virtually impossible. Here’s your chance to take out the competition. You’ll learn:

  • How to master Swiss triplets in only 5 minutes – guaranteed!
  • One amazing “building block” pattern you MUST know (takes only 4 minutes to learn) for jaw dropping flams, singles, and doubles
  • How to get insane speed with flams using a little relaxation technique directed at your ankles.
  • The easiest way to play gorgeous solos over any ballistic double bass flam pattern. This is what separates the men from the boys and why drummers will just assume you’re a pro with endorsements up the ying-yang when you play this.
  • The 14 “David and Goliath” patterns that can’t be played by NON-BALLISTIC drummers. Hey we all need that little sling shot in our grab bag just in case another drummers ego needs to be dropped down a notch or two.
  • I developed a powerful 2 bar pattern that ties EVERYTHING together. It’s all you need to play your double bass drums with such precision that those Berklee and MI graduates will wonder why they spent thousands of dollars and still can’t play like you.
  • One slight modification to practicing flams so they get engrained into your subconscious faster than normal practicing. Listen you could either slave away and practice 6 hours a day for a month to get this down or you can learn my little shortcut and get it down this weekend.
  • The “missing link” to playing flams with your feet that you’d never discover on your own…it helps modify your feet for quick acceleration and speed.

Plus… I will buy you a 1-month subscription to my white-hot “Ballistic Insiders Club” where I personally mentor you in eye-opening lessons every month by CD (normal year’s sub is $197). If you don’t fall in love with this outrageous and insane information-dense CD lessons, then you aren’t breathing. It’s worth the price for the entire package. It’s ongoing, very personal and limited so you don’t have to worry about your next door neighbor having the same chops as you.

This is hot stuff.  It’s all included in the “FOUNDATION” Ballistic Bass Drumming System for only $149 plus s&h

Okay… there’s also the “The Secret Weapon,” Ballistic Bass Drumming System
and it’s the one you want if you plan on being a mega skilled drummer that gigging bands compete
to hire.  It includes EVERYTHING in the “FOUNDATION” Ballistic Bass Drumming System Plus:

  • The amazing video “Ballistic Multiple Pedals Revolution – How to develop 6-way independence.” ($49 value).  You’re going to sound like you’re 3 drummers playing at once. All my “little known” secrets to playing multiple pedals including hi-hat, woodblocks and cowbells all being played at the same time as you still put doubles, singles and flams together on your bass drums. Take a listen under the FREE BALLISTIC SOUND CLIPS page.
  • Plus another video “Ballistic Odd Time Playing” ($49 value). It’s literally a crash course to odd time playing – even if you can’t count.
  • Plus – and I’m only doing this for a short time, because I cannot handle too many people responding to this offer – you get…

Personal Drum Lessons With Me For A Full 3 Months!

These lessons will be priceless. And they’ll be by mail. Since you’ll be able to send me a DVD of what you’re having challenges with… this means you’ll never be left hanging. I’ll answer all your questions as fast as I can. You’ll get the best advice money can buy (but for free), from one of the most respected and well developed double bass drumming masters on the planet. You get the same attention my regular paying students do. I’ll respond back by email or phone… depending on what you need help with.

Hang on… we’re not through yet. Because I’m in the middle of redesigning this Web site, reformatting the offers (at much higher prices)… I’ve decided to pull out all the stops.


I’ve slashed the prices and added important material that NO ONE ELSE has ever received for any of these web-offers. Check it out:

1. If you get “The Secret Weapon” (it’s the deal you really want”)… I will knock and additional $150 off the normal price (meaning you get everything in the FOUNDATION Ballistic Bass Drumming System, 6-way independence video, Odd Times Video, free month “insiders club” lessons on CD and FREE private drum lessons for 3 months with me… for LESS than anyone else has paid on the web.

Plus…  I’ll add a free 45 minute CD lesson (with diagrams) on “The 12 sweet spots on your hi-hat.” Every drum magazine just talks about two. You’ll learn how I use all 12 of these “sweet spots” so you can go on and perform such magical 6-way independence that baffles others. Finally, I’ll add a free special CD (Called – Single Stroke Speed) that shows you how to jack up your single stroke speed with your feet in one night. So many drummers just want to blast away – so here’s the “Magic” exercise I taught a 67 year old drummer so he could play just as fast as anyone out there – but without the blood, sweat and tears. I’ll never share this outside this “Secret Weapon” system. (In total that’s a hefty $139 in extra freebies!) You get the SECRET WEAPON System for only $299 plus s&h

I hate giving away so much stuff away – but because of all the “noise” on the Web these days, I want to make sure I’m offering the sweetest deal anywhere. This is easily the best bargain you’ll come across for learning to master double bass drumming, multiple pedal playing and 6-way independence.

These are very generous offers and for
some of you it’s still a little bit of money.
That’s why these systems aren’t for everyone – for two reasons.

First, it costs less to own “The Secret Weapon” system than you’d pay for maybe 2 months of personal drum lessons (average lesson is $50 an hour. 50 x 8weeks of lessons = $400) And what would THIS give you? An introduction to the wrong way to start playing Double Bass Drums!

These TWO systems I put together cover what it would take me at least 1 full year to walk and demonstrate to you privately. The systems I put together are better than private lessons with me because you can rewind the DVD anytime you need to, space the lessons out to match your schedule. You could blow through it all in one weekend or work through it more slowly. Your choice. This guarantees that you learn it at your pace.

But even the most advanced professionals agree that my Ballistic material is the best thing to happen to drummers who want to play their feet EXACTLY like their hands… fast.

Second, and much more important – because of what I’m offering and their price tag, very few dabblers and hobbyists are privy to these secrets. Which means these “secrets” ARE REALLY secrets; fewer than one in 1,500 drummers know about them.

The Biggest Bargain Of Your Life!

This is what smart, want the edge players do. Find the real secrets that work… and use them. Not spend hours online finding FREE  videos from so called experts… wondering if it’s really what the pro’s are learning.  The cost is irrelevant, because it’s cheaper than private lessons and because the results you see are so dramatic. And quick.

You’ll be stunned by how fast your playing gets “pro level” good.

And you get it for a fraction of what it would cost you to take lessons from me privately. Even better… I give you a full 60 Day, no risk…

“You’ll Play Your Feet EXACTLY Like Your Hands Or I Will Buy It Back!”
100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re unhappy, for any reason, just ship the system back to me within 60 days and I’ll refund all your money back (Minus the small shipping and handling costs, of course). And keep the bonuses as a way of saying thanks for trying me out. I will treat you the way I wish people would treat me – with gracious trust and the benefit of the doubt.

You do not need to give a reason for returning the material for a refund. Your word is good enough.

You risk nothing. I am well-know in the business, and I protect my reputation like a bull dog protects his home. If you are not completely happy, for any reason at all, then I insist you ask for a refund.

Don’t wait on this, however. You’re getting a better deal than anyone else… but only if you order today. You snooze, you lose. These extra-loaded offers are good ONLY until I finish rigging up my new website (or until I get maxed-out on Insiders – whichever comes first).

When the new (higher) prices go into effect, this special deal is gone forever. So don’t screw around. Go ahead and Click the “add to cart” button to choose a Ballistic System, while it’s still hot in your mind. And prepare to have your mind blown… and your entire drumming playing change forever. It really is that powerful.


To Playing Your Feet EXACTLY Like Your Hands,

Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick, Creator
Ballistic Bass Drumming System

PS. I had to show a picture of my pedal set up so you know I don’t use any fancy gear or one of those “dual beater pedals”. No cheating here… all stock Gibraltar Intruder II’s.

PSS. One last thing — I know how difficult it is to find real, honest, and expert advice like this. If you aren’t ready for what I offer, that’s fine. Some of these secrets and exercises are so far out of the “mainstream” that only experienced and pro players know how well they work. I am not out to convert you to anything. I am out to reveal the proven double bass secrets that no one else has the chops, expertise, and cajones to reveal.

PPSS. Please remember… I teach and do Balllistic Boot camps for my Insiders only. So I’m traveling quite a bit. So it’s just me and one lonely assistant (Ed) here. I could easily be swamped by orders if this offer is discovered by too many people. If that happens, I will take this site down. I did not put out this double bass system (or reveal all my insider secrets that keeps me booked with private lessons) to get rich. I’m make plenty from teaching and giving bootcamps.

No, I released this material because I honestly want to make a difference in the double bass drumming community. I have privately taught hundreds of pro’s, and weekend warriors these secrets… and I always marvel at how quickly and easily my ballistic “double bass drumming secrets” can change peoples playing overnight. Now, with the publishing of “Ballistic Bass Drumming System”, I can get the message out to many more people. It’s exciting.