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Why Did I Create This FREE DVD?

Because quite frankly, I’m sick of the junk out there and want to help. Listen, I may seem to be a mystery man to some of you, but since 1995, I’ve been the “secret weapon” instructor behind the scenes of some of the hottest double bass and soling around your toms playing. Not only have I trained students to break the fastest feet and hands records… but my students are Grammy Award Winners, members from STOMP, Los Angeles and New York drum pro’s, Studio musicians and drummers like you who are looking for cutting edge lessons so you can end all your frustrations and have absolute confidence behind your kit.

Most Drummers Are Making Tons Of Mistakes and Are Frustrated With Their Double Bass Drumming and Hand Speed… And The MISTAKES Are Easy To Fix.

Joe Stronsick’s unique system represents a giant leap forward in bass drum technique – especially for developing speed and control. He represents his ideas in easy, logical steps that allow any drummer to develop lightning fast feet!” – Andy Doerschuk, Editor DRUM! Magazine

The raw truth, is that you shouldn’t be left in the dark. There are a ton of double bass dinosaur’s that are going to give you information… information that would be great… if it was still the 90’s. It’s not!!! and things have gotten fierce. 11 and 12 year old kids who are rising up on the scene that can play faster than you, site read better than you and solo better than you. It’s not that they are more gifted… they are just more OPEN to cutting edge strategies that increase their drumming skill. If you’re struggling with speed, coordination,and skill then you need to get this FREE DVD today.

Let me teach you step-by-step how you can finally have total control over your double bass drumming and never be frustrated by your lack of skill. You don’t need to go through the same misery trying to find out what actually WORKS. I created this DVD “14 Secret Breakthrough Lessons The Pros Keep Hidden From You” to take you by the hand and show you exactly where to start. Just click “Claim Your Free DVD Now” to get your free copy! All that I ask is that you hep out with the shipping ($6.95 for USA, $10.95 for International) so I can get it out to you.

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What Drumming Secrets Will You Discover On Your FREE DVD?

SECRET #1: How To Break Your DOUBLE BASS Drumming Speed Barriers.

  • World Record Holder’s Little Known Secret To Speed!
  • Bass Drum adjustments so your pedal is under your total control.
  • Little known how-to information on what exercises to do with your legs.
  • Short cut secrets to play faster AND… with more control than your friends.
  • HOW TO TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF THE BRAKE. If you’re playing too tense it’s like your driving while pumping the brakes.
  • What bad habits you should break right away.
SECRET #2: How To Play Your Feet EXACLTY Like Your Hands.

  • Gregory Hines was the master of this and this one exercise that revolutionized how we think about double bass drumming.
  • What kind of boots to wear if your serious as onions when it comes to playing at speeds over 280bpm.
  • Doubles, Singles, and Flams. A little solo that will knock your socks off.
SECRET #3: The Latest Pros TIPS and TRICKS That Keep Their Clinics Packed.

  • One endorsed pro’s opening solo baffles you until you see how he displaces notes in this specific order.
  • Backstage warm up tips so you can be at the top of your game.
SECRET #4: NEW Bass Drum Pedals That Everyone Is Talking About.

  • Great Hopes or Totally Over-hyped?
  • What to look for when getting a pedal so you know it can keep up with your foot responses.
SECRET #5: Rudiments REVAMPED.

  • Family groupings versus rudiments. Learn which one will Sizzle up your solos
  • Displacement concept revealed. Gorgeous solos that drop jaws.
  • Harry Damas’ 3-4 principle that gives you stunning confidence behind your kit.
SECRET #6: Easy To Learn, ZOOM Around The Toms Secrets.

  • Jazz cats inside secret to flying around the kit faster than lightning.
  • How to actually use the new Velocity sticks.
SECRET #7: How To Break Your Speed Barriers With Your Chops.

  • #1 mistake when gripping sticks. It’s a total speed killer.
  • The exercise that lets you do the ONE HANDED ROLL.
  • This NEW practice tool used by World Record holders claims to increase speed! Is it too good to be true?
SECRET #8: Beaters That Increase Your Speed and Response Time.

  • There are several on the market. A close up look on how they affect speed, and coordination.
  • Striking pads and patches. How to add different textures to your double bass playing.
SECRET #9: Ever Hear Of MUSCLE FIBERS? – What every drummer needs to know.

  • Fast and Slow Twitch muscle fibers. Develop speed and endurance the RIGHT way without getting hurt.
  • Plyometric and Isotonik training concepts you’ve never seen before.
SECRET #10: Multiple Pedal Playing That’s Taking Over The Drum Clinic Scene.

  • How to maximize your pedal set up to get the most ergonomic – playing ever.
  • World class exercises that work and turn you into a monster drummer
SECRET #11: What’s HOT Right Now…

  • The NEW breakthrough – Compound Drumming. All the exercises needed to master this today.
SECRET #12: PAIN! It Can Stop Any Drummers’ Dream From Happening.

  • What to do with a Newspaper that gets rid of pain in your wrists and fingers.
  • How to use reflex bands to keep your joints loose and warm
  • Isotonik exercises you should be doing… even while driving.
SECRET #13: Transformational Practice Revealed.

  • How the Pros practice versus you.
  • Don’t Just Jam Out. Each minute is broken down so you know what to practice, and how.
  • You’ll be more creative after learning this.
SECRET #14: How To Be Successful Teaching Private Lessons – part time or full time

  • How to get 5-10 new private lesson students in just 1 week.
  • Marketing strategies that work. Lead boxes, school talks, sales letters, churches… the works.

My Customers Love My Drum Training and Exceptional Service
And You Will Too!

I wanted to share my experiences with Joe’s Double Bass Drum Technique. I met Joe at a NAMM show and we were discussing double bass drum technique and he promised to show me something that I have never seen that would improve my double bass drum technique immediately. So I went over his house and we spent time working on the technique, and the positioning of the pedal and beater.

I’m here to say that it is definitely unique and definitely different and it will increase your ability very very quickly. This is the crème-de-la-crème technique that you should definitely check out because what you’re doing is playing faster with less effort, you don’t have to work as hard and that will ultimately give you more stamina, endurance and you’ll just play better. I was definitely impressed and I recommend that people check this out.”

Kenny Aronoff (Ricky Martin, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.)

… a giant leap forward in bass drum technique – especially for developing speed and control. He represents his ideas in logical steps that allow any drummer to develop lightning-fast feet.”

Drum Magazine – Andy Doerschuck

I want to thank you… It has helped me so much in my double bass playing drumming, that I owe a lot to you. I thank you again, for all your beautiful playing, your playing was incredible.”

Walfredo Reyes Sr.(Pioneer of world music, Tony Bennet, Sammy Davis jr., Doc Severinsen, etc.)

I was shocked at how good you are at drumming and astounded at how great you are at teaching your method to others.

After owning your material for literally only a couple of weeks I took my new speed to the Warped Tour’s Extreme Sport Drumming competition in Boston MA. It only took ONE TRY for me to set the fastest feet record for the entire Boston area.

But, it wasn’t really just the speed that you taught me that helped me win. It was the confidence. This award actually helped me get a couple of gigs. And I have you to thank. Your Ballistic Bass Drumming System is incredible!”

Lenny Vitulli, Boston MA – Fastest Feet Record Holder

I have a confession to make.I’m fifty years old and quite drumming for 28 years while serving in the Navy.I was extremely skeptical about your system due to one basic consideration.If you system is so great, why haven’t your students spread it far and wide by word of mouth?Finally I took the plunge out of desperation.I ordered your material

I’ve followed your instructions to the letter.Today, after 8 days of practice, I’m cutting loose with extended duplet and triplet rolls. So now I know the answer, at least in my own case.I’m selfish, pure and simple.I have no intention of sharing these techniques with anyone for any reason. Mega thanks for what you’re doing and what you’re teaching.

You’re legit and so is your system.”

Bud Bretz, Bristol RI

Within the first 30 minutes I was able to accomplish some things that I could not do for years with other books and techniques. … the system is so easy and “user friendly… I am really excited about practicing now because I see results faster…

Joe, thank you so much for your time, books and videos. Your “Ballistic System” is the answer for me!!!”

Charles Collins, 12 Platinum and 15 Gold Album Awards. The Jacksons, Elton John, etc. Soundtracks include: Lethal Weapon II, Saturday Night Fever, City Slickers and more.

Now It’s Decision Time!

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You’ve seen what this information has meant to the lives of many other drummers as you’ve read over this page. You’ve read the testimonials of those who have taken this information and decided to use it as a turning point in their drumming.

I know without a shadow of a doubt you’ll do the right thing, Do it for yourself and the confidence you’ll gain!

Take action right now and click the button below today…right now…while it’s still hot on your mind!

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