Classic Video From 1996 That Started It All

You May Have Singles And Doubles Mastered…

But How Do You Turn That Into Ballistic Independence?

Discover and release the independence god within you by turning what you know from the Ballistic System into breathtaking independence.

If you’re using my amazing Ballistic method, you’re playing your bass drums better than you ever thought possible. Now just imagine that you got your feet doing independence never heard of, like playing your hi-hat in 5/4 (opening it on 2, 4 and 5) as your right foot plays in 3, 5 or even 7 AND you completely solo over top. That’s just one of the incredible things you will be able to do easily when you see what’s revealed on the Ballistic Independence video tape. (and you don’t have to know how to sight read)

Hidden Secrets Of Independence Takes Out All The Frustrating Hours!

This video ONLY deals with natural motions, MAKING THE PEDALS WORK FOR YOU not against you. You will play your hi-hat in any one time signature, your bass drum in any other time signature AS your hands solo overtop.

Do you know why many drummers have so much trouble with independence? They have been taught to spend hours and months using unnatural motions, writing out the notes to see where they fall, and if they don’t sight read – OH WELL!!! Their out of luck.

My independence method is so easy, you’ll be amazing yourself, wondering why NO-One ever explained this all to you before. So, due to popular demand, I’ve put together my Ballistic Independence System on video. You’ll Learn:

1) One strange BUT powerful exercise to separate your hands from your feet.

2) How to solo, with your hands, over any independent odd time pattern with your feet.

3) Opening and closing the hi-hat (how to click them or crash them together in even or odd times)

4) Your Feet Playing 2 separate Time signatures (sounds breathtaking YET it’s so simple)

5) Using the same motion for ANY odd-time signature, making playing nice and easy!

6) Where to put your feet to get Maximum independence.

7) How to Easily Make Independence automatic and natural!

It comes with my usual 60 day money back guarantee! So if you want to play awesome Ballistic Independence give us a yell, and well get the video right out to you!

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Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick