First Time Revealed… Russian Secret Breakthrough Released To Drummers!!!

“If You Would Like To Take Your Double Bass Drumming Speed and Endurance To A FREAKY New Level – In Only 3 Days,Then This Russian Technology Is The Answer You’ve Been Looking For.

A new breakthrough allows you to have sensational double bass dexterity, machine-gun like speed and marathon endurance starting in only 3 days. This breakthrough was smuggled out of Russia and is serious stuff MEANT only for serious drummers who want to dominate their competition and SHRED. So, if you think you got what it takes then read on for the complete details.

“My speed prior to the system topped out around 230 BPM. After 1 week of using he system I was reaching speeds of 240 and now I can reach 260. My power, control, and consistency at the slower speeds is also improved.”

Jimmy Peruta
Fords, NJ

Dear Drummer,

I once considered Russia a hellish place where you must stand in line for several hours just for a sheet of toilet paper, I have since discovered that it’s a nation hell-bent on being number one”Physically.” Their scientists and athletes have proven it by making “Incredible Training Breakthroughs” that put American Athletes to shame.

During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Russia captured more Gold medals in the Olympics than you could possibly shake a stick at.

“So, what’s this have to do with double bass drumming?” you ask. Well, this “Incredible Russian Training Breakthrough” is now being used here in America to herald a new race of “super double bass drummers” in a matter of weeks. BUT first, I must confess. I have some good news and bad news you just gotta know…

The Bad News!

God may have screwed you out of the genetic make-up that allows you to be fast AND I’ll prove it along with showing you how to REVERSE this genetic flaw so you can increase your speed, endurance and dexterity in only 3 days.

Here’s Your Proof

In our feet, there contains a combination of fast-twitch (FT) and slow-twitch (ST) muscle fibers. The Fast-twitch fibers, contract twice as fast as the slow-twitch fibers and are used almost exclusively for activities which demand rapid stop and go movements such as double bass drumming at fast speeds. The slow-twitch fibers, on the other hand take a while to fatigue, and are called into use when playing that long five-minute song where endurance is the key.

Now, This Is Where GENETICS Can Bite You In The Butt

The amounts of FT and ST muscle fibers in your legs varies from drummer to drummer. Some players in fact have fast- to slow-fibers as high as 6 or 7 to 1 while most have more equal proportions of each. This fiber ratio is determined by genetics and canNOT be altered. Meaning your body CAN’T grow more. This is why some drummers are “naturally gifted” with speed and others struggle all their life.

Doesn’t this suck?

Well, hold on just a minute and let me tell you the good news – the real eye opener for us drummers who weren’t born with “great genetics” like me. Though you can’t grow more, the Russians proved that ALL Fast-twitch and Slow-twitch muscle fibers can increase in size and density so they are able to store & release MORE ENERGY, especially the fast-twitch fibers which increase the MOST IN SIZE. So…

Now you know that it’s possible to get the rip-shredded speed, dexterity and endurance gains you’ve lusted after – without worrying about genetics. All you have to do is increase the size and density ofyour fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Here’s How

“I have an ankle injury that has given me fits for the past three years. This has kept me from achieving my goals in my double bass drumming in speed, endurance and control. So when I started the program I was very skeptical but thought of all your other material that has given many others and me such great results I had absolutely nothing to lose.

Oh my goodness the results were PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!! This system is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I started with the red set and a week later I used the blue set on my bad ankle and used the red on the other. In two and a half weeks of this I had doubled my speed and stamina.I have kept it up now and I just keep getting better.

I have been playing the drums now for 24 years and must say that this is the best system out there to build intense stamina and insane speed that will make others sick and jealous with envy.

Patrick Black
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Remember the “Incredible Russian Training Breakthrough” that I was talking about earlier? Well, it’s called “Plyometrics” and it’s now available in the amazing “Isotonik System for Double Bass Drumming.” It is….

The Secret To Inject Pure Speed and Endurance Into Your Muscle Fibers

The Isotonik System Is The BEST Way To Get Insane Speed In Your Bass Drum Playing.

Listen, for insane speed and endurance, you need to shock the ST and FT muscles as fast as possible AND the Isotonik System does it in such a way that normal double bass training by itself can’t.

You’ll use the patented double bass “Speed and Resistance Cords” that simply attach around your ankle and bass drum beater(these are the same EXACT patented cords used in Russian and by US Olympic Athletes). These “speed cords” allow RESISTANCE to be felt only on the FORWARD stroke.

So, for the first time ever your bass drum beater’s FORWARD motion has MORE resistance than when it comes back of the head. And this is the key because…

The Isotonik System for Double Bass Drumming allows you to overload your muscle fibers with a force equal to 6 times the normal force when practicing. And in under 13 seconds you will start to feel your legs FT and ST muscle fibers being shredded for speed and endurance. In as little as 3 days you can start to blast out a firestorm of double bass notes that’ll put the biggest smile on your face.

BUT I Must Warn You –


“You have taken an unknown Russian training program and applied it to developing double bass drum chops. Well done! I’ve been wondering how I could increase my speed and endurance for years and boom here it is! Your isotonic system is it!

So here are the results. I use the isotonic bands three days a week and go through your materials and in 2 months I have increased my speed 60% and I am more expressive articulate (accurate) on any playing with my feet. It doesn’t matter what style of music you’re playing this system gets results!”

Joe Wedlake
San Jose, CA

By going through the “Isotonic System for Double Bass Drumming,” you will build the shins, caves, ankles and thighs. If you have a weakness in any of these already, valuable energy generated in your calves, shins and ankles gets lost and most drummers start to lean forward and FORCE out their double bass strokes. Leaning forward causes back pain and SLOWS YOU DOWN. Studies have shown that you can add at least 40% to your speed just by having stronger feet and ankles!

WithThe Russian “Underground” Isotonik Double Bass System,

You Can Immediately…

• Get those Insane Single Strokes pouring from your feet

•  Get a more powerful foot for double bass drumming

• Develop nervous system reflexes that will SNAP your feet off the pedal boards at maximum speed

• Attack your legs at different Plyometric angles isolating the fast-and-slow-twitch muscle fibers designed for lightning fast double bass playing

• See results in under 3 days and…

• Stimulate the flow of synovial fluid that acts like hydraulic fluid. You’ll protect your bones from the impact when stomping and pressing on the bass drum pedal.

• See UNCANNY speed and endurance gains within 2-3 weeks

• Feel stronger, but play more graceful with very little effort

• Skip the useless 45 minute warm ups and be ready to blast off in a matterof minutes.

• Generate maximum POWER

• Boost your speed and endurance by at least 30 beats per minutes or your money back

• Develop that “Twitch” for insane speed – this system is Death Metal Drummers “inside” Speed Secret.

• Get Complex Coordination that most drummers only dream of

• Help delay the build up of lactic acid. That burning in your legs you get after a serious practice session.

• Perfect Balance – you’ll never break your back, hunch over or grunt your intestines out trying to play fast.

• Learn why bungie cords DON’T work since they are “high-impact” and can damage tendons.

• Feel this Isotonik System’s unique “SNAP-BACK” feature DIRECTLY stimulate your Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch muscle fibers to give you firestorm speed and marathon endurance.

• And more…

I’ll Pay You $40 To Try It Out

The Isotonic System for Double Bass Drumming comes complete with: Isotonic Video, 4 speed cords, Harness Straps and extra beater shaft foryour slave pedal. The retail price of this System is going to be set at$139.00. But keep reading and I’ll tell you why I’m going to pay you $40to try it out.

Obviously you can’t put a price on something that gives you this kind of speed and endurance so fast. Most drummers seeing an increase in only 3 days. And really, as if buying videos or a pedal for $350 is really going to magically build up your leg muscles for speed.

This is the only thing out there that can increase your double bass speed and endurance. GUARANTEED. So listen, since you’ve read this far you’re a smart drummer. So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m Going To Include A RARE Bonus That Will Help Your Speed Excel

Faster Than Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon Blasting At Light Speed.

“Awesome!!! I personally found it helped my left foot come around. Within a 2 week period my strength and endurance increased so much I was literally losing control. I have been playing for over 30 years and this is the best product I have ever seen period.”

Robert Moltzan
Port Charlotte, FL

Obviously when you order the Isotonik System for Double Bass Drumming you’ll have the high octane in your legs to blast off. But imagine if I showed you my “secret diary” that allowed me to be the first drummer to play over 300 BPM. In the past, so many drummers asked how I did it… but I didn’t tell. Now it’s an open book. But only if you order today. Your going to discover my personal “guarded” secrets to a powerful training schedule,mental breakthroughs, dynamic drills, etc.

Here’s some examples:

1) The 8 most common and costly mistakes to being fast.

2) The three must know “primary patterns” for speed.

3) If you’re not training with this common household product you’re speed will get flushed down the toilet.

4) Should the beaters hit center, below center, slightly to the right orleft. The answer might surprise you… but you’ll get more speed and power this way.

5) Master the concept of “more notes with less strokes.” The real reason why so many of my students are breaking speed records left and right.

6) If your pedals have this “piece” on them… remove it. If you can’t, then grind it off with a file.  It will make your pedal fit you like a glove.

7) The incredible lubrication that increases the speed of your bearings. No it’s not WD-40.

8) When blasting out singles… where your knees should REALLY be.  A pain in the butt at first, but once you get this down you’re set for life.

9)  The lesson I learned from Andre Agassi that did more for my drumming than anything else.

10) The three stages of speed. Most pro’s are still stuck on the first stage.

11) Specific Speed Drills. No more guessing. No morefrustration. Follow the drills and ZOOM.

So Here’s What To Do Next


Click the secure shopping cart button above or call (805) 242-3786 M-F 9-5 and order this Isotonik System for Bass Drumming on our secure voicemail.  I’ll take $40 out of my pocket for you.  Don’t pay $139…  You’ll get high octane speed in your bass drum playing with this amazing system for ONLY $99 plus s&h.

You Must Hurry. I’m only authorizing a “slow” market release on this system. That means I’m only going to dribble them out a handful at a time – because I want to keep a tight check on who gets this information. Right now I have about 39 systems here to release. First come, first served. The next release won’t be for a long time (maybe not until  next year!). Call right now. Remember, it comes with a “You’ll boost your speed and endurance to an unforgettable new level or I buy it back – 30 day money back guarantee. And keep the bass drumming speed diary as a gift for checking out the system” How’s that for backing up how incredible effective this breakthrough system is. What are you waiting for… click the secure shopping cart button above.


Joe“Ballistic” Stronsick

PS. I might pull my “secret diary” bonus out of this deal because frankly I really don’t know ifI want every drummer catching up to me and my students. So take advantage now and order while I’m still sitting on the fence deciding whether to ever offer it again.

PSS. Take a look at the testimonials from drummers who were smart enough to take a chance and order and you’ll see they say this is the ONLY product on the market that does what it’s supposed to do. Increase your speed and endurance. GUARANTEED. You can take the long road or the short road. Ultimately your choice. For me, I’d rather be playing than sitting there frustrated, wondering if I could be as fast as my drum hero.

More seasoned pro’s use this system and don’t talk about it. Why should they?
Come on over and join the ranks of us drummers enjoying the vicious speed that simply drops jaws.