Do You Want Blazing Singles, Ultimate Control and
Endless Endurance with NO pain in your hands?  Then…

“STOP Practicing!”

It Tragically Does More Harm Than Good

Here’s Why…

Los Angeles CA – Breakthrough research in drumming shows that 97% of drummers really have no idea how to get more speed and endurance in their chops quickly and effectively. SO…

Stronsick Solutions has responded to this research with the release of a powerful system that formerly was drum experts’ “best kept secret” for gaining vicious chops and setting speed records in a remarkably quick and effective way.

“Having played drums for over 30 years, I have seen many products that promise to help you achieve better chops. I believed that practice was the only way to build and maintain muscle tone. I was wrong.

I don’t fall for gimmicks. I saw your ad and thought that this was just some cheap device that would break upon the first rough usage and not do anything to help with muscle tone. I really don’t even know what possessed me to order a pair (perhaps it was the money back guarantee). When I received the Isotonik System, I was delighted that the Chopsticks are extremely well made and very comfortable to use.

I have used my pair of Chopsticks for about 3 weeks… whenever I get a chance… just a few minutes every few days. I keep one in my car to use when I am driving and the other with my set. Wow!! My “weak” left hand suddenly wants to bounce the stick like never before. Rudiments that used to be uneven and slow now sound even and blaze along. My bandmates are amazed at the improvement in speed and endurance.

Please use my endorsement to help convince other skeptics that the Isotonik System is everything that it advertises… and more.

Greg Orr
Alameda, CA

When tested, this Isotonik System proved incredibly effective. Of the 278 participants, Stronsick Solutions reported that every drummer in their study got heightened speed, better control and dominating chops without spending frustrating hours behind their kits.

You see, most drummers practice with their drumsticks by moving their fingers in a short, static position – especially when doing singlestrokes. This very limited range of motion doesn’t target ALL the right muscle fibers for quick gains in speed.

Here’s How The Isotonik System for Your Hands Will
Quickly Benefit You

The secret to the Isotonik Systems success is in the Isotonik Exercises. They can build your speed and endurance up to 74% faster in as little as 2 weeks. Your fingers and wrist move through a full range of motion, stimulating the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

I know what you are saying. How come I haven’t heard of these exercises?

To my knowledge, there are 2 top pro’s that HINT at the “Isotonik Exercises,” and ironically in 1997 some similar exercises were actually shown on the Jay Leno show. If you missed it don’t worry I’ll explain what these “Isotonik” exercises can do for you later in this article.

Awesome Chops Have Never Been Easier!

Isotonik Training has been proven to be the most effective way to increase finger and wrist speed for drummers. Using the Isotonik System builds fast twitch muscle fibers and neural connections for explosive speed and endurance. Used by top musicians with astounding results!

“I have been a drummer for many years, and I have seen many practice devices, mostly gimmicks. However, I have found a priceless tool in your Isotonik System. Before using the Chopsticks, I would spend countless hours at the practice pad and/or drums working on technique. Now I am able to reduce my practice time and enjoy my drums.I can use your device anywhere or anytime to polish my skills.

On a technical level, my single and double strokes are executed with much more ease and control after just 2 weeks utilizing the Isotonik System For Your Hands. I will recommend this product to all my drummer friends and colleagues.

Thank you for making this revolutionary product available to me.”

Wayne C. Miracle
Opelika, AL

The Isotonik System comes complete with 2 Chopsticks, the 21 Isotonik Exercises training manual and Power Isotonik Workout video. Let me get into a little more detail for you.

The 2 Chopstick apparatuses cradle in your hands as you perform the Specific Power Isotonik Exercises. The Chopsticks provide the sensation of striking a real drum BUT with the RIGHT amount of resistance to increase your speed and endurance by building up your slow and fast twitch muscle fibers in two unique ways.

1) Full Grip, Endurance: as you compress the Chopstick it’s military grade reflex band pushes out and rebounds back; your fingers get a full range of motion stimulating your slow twitch muscle fibers for long lasting endurance.

2) Half Grip,Speed: the same band pushes into the Chopstick creating a shorter range of motion that works your fast twitch muscles fibers in your hands and wrists (not your forearms) for speed.

The Best Chop Building System Ever!

What drummers especially like about the Chopsticks are its comfort and natural stick feel. They’re sleek, efficient light-weight design makes them conveniently pocket-sized and so easy to use, producing results in no time at all. Simply work the specific Isotonik Exercises, from the video and manual, on the Chopsticks to gain intense speed – any time, anywhere (even while driving or eating)!

You can finally give up all those boring hours practicing chops on your drumset. Now when you’re behind your set, you can get down to the real business of playing.

In analyzing why the Isotonik System enables you to achieve awesome chops, drummers had this to say:

“I’ve been playing for am 33 years and I stay away from gimmicks. But this product targets the finger muscles to produce startling results. My solo’s and stamina have improved 70% with less fatigue and greaser ability.”

Al Silva, NH

“I was spending 1 1/2 hours a day on a practice pad and progress was slow until now. I bought the Isotonik System on a whim and within 3 weeks I was seeing results – more speed, control and endurance. My routine on the practice pad now takes less than half as long as it used to.Amazing.”

GeorgePeppard, MA

Makes Ordinary Practicing Seem Like The Dark Ages!

The Isotonik System is so far superior to any practice strategies or devices ever made that the word system doesn’t really do it justice. What you learn with this system will INSTANTLY apply to what you do on a drumset. It is a pure “muscle memory” system that is 100 times more effective than playing on pillows or us in heavier sticks.

With The Isotonik System you will learn these secrets to hand speed

1) A 3 finger positions that will instantly help in finger independence an flexibility!

2) The biggest mistake most drummers make when practicing!

3) The huge difference between the “Isotonik Exercises” and the tired, old, recycled way of practicing.

4) A 2 minute exercise to easily develop the weaker fingers!

5) An amazing exercise that will make your speed skyrocket!

6) The best way to build your hand’s extensor and flexor muscles for long lasting endurance!

7) The real truth to speed that no-one talks about!

8) An advanced method that is proven to speed up your overall skill 200%-300%

9) 6 powerful full-range exercises that help increase your power and stick control.

There’s more, but you get the picture! You’re at home watching TV or driving to work getting insane fingers while everybody else struggles to get to where you’re at.

How Fast Will You Be Able To Play?

I have been playing drums for twenty-seven years and in just two weeks, Chopsticks has made it possible for me to increase my speed and power, in just two weeks.”

Jim Mastromarino
Derry, NH

The Chopstick is the greatest tool I have ever exercised my hands with. Pure magic is what happens when I pick up my sticks and play.

I can play faster. I have better control. I have gained endurance and my strokes are precise.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the Chopstick benefited me.

Alan Wong
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Finally having awesome thunderous stick patterns without the hours of frustrating practice can be YOURS. It’s almost like magic because…

Using the Chopsticks with the Isotonik Exercises forces your brain to fire impulses to your muscle fibers over 500 times per second.

As you do a series of specially designed Isotonik Exercises with the Chopsticks (especially #3 and 16 on the video and #7, 12 and 24 in the manual) your fingers and wrists have no choice but to adapt and get faster and stronger. You gain deadly speed and long lasting endurance. You enjoy the benefits of trouble-free wrists and fingers.

But even better…Because of the Isotonik System, you’ll Never Again experience slow single strokes or frustration in your playing.

You will outplay everybody you know by using the Isotonik System!

However, we warn drummers that because the Isotonik System For Your Hands is so effective you can gain too much speed too quickly. If that happens, you should stop doing the exercises and set the Chopstick aside for 2 or 3 days, so you can get used to your new speed.

“I was somewhat curious after reading your ad about the Isotonik System and Chopstick and figured since my chops were choppy and my speed was lagging, I decided to give them a try. I was surprised to find that after a few days, my endurance was already increasing and like the ad said, within a few weeks, there was a dramatic change in speed and power, and I am now able to flow around my kit rather than fight with my arms to move faster.

It’s all in the fingers and wrists! I’ve been studying drums now for five years, and this is by far the quickest way to gain speed and endurance without endless practice. Thanks to the Isotonik System for Your Hands, I can now fly with the best of them!”

Samuel Tobias
North Woodstock, NH

The Isotonik System is guaranteed to give you blazing single strokes and long lasting endurance or your money back! If for any reason you don’t get the speed and endurance you desire in your chops after using the Isotonik System for 60 days, simply return it and we will cheerfully refund your money.

The Isotonik System For Hands is just $79.97 plus s&h. It includes the Isotonik Power Video, Training Manual, 2 Chopsticks, 2 reflex bands AND…  2 NEW FULL EXTENTION reflex bands (research proven to build up the fast twitch muscle fibers 2x faster for insane speed).

Order The Isotonik Sytem for Hands now.  Simply click the secure shopping cart button below.  Or call 1-805-242-3786 to place your order on our secure voice mail.  Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express accepted.

Isotonik System For Hands $79.97 plus s&h


Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick

PS. This program will give you the blazing speed you desire.  Gives you better control without wasting time warming up.  The famous “one handed roll” is not a dream anymore… it’s a reality with the Isotonik System for Hands.   It also relieves pain in your fingers, wrists, and arms.  You will be the envy of all your friends with your new found blazing speed, control and endless endurance.