Joe’s absolute, most insane, ballistically intense, video ever.

The Little Secret, That
Started A Multiple Pedal Revolution,

Allows You To Sound Like

You Are 3 Drummers Playing At Once

Joe is the first to reveal this amazing playing. In the past others have played multiple pedals BUT they just simply put their foot on 2 pedal boards at the same time. So no matter what. . . both pedals are playing the same thing. HOW BORING! Now how would you like to sound like a multi track recorder, and watch as everyone asks you “How in the hell do you do that”? For example you’ll:

1) Learn to use your pedals to sound like you’re 3 drummers playing at once.

2) Have your right foot play two different patterns on 2 different pedals. – it’s so easy it’s silly.

3) Roll your bass drums as you also play this exotic 2 woodblock pattern that gets the ladies dancin’.

4) How to play an adventure of flams, doubles and singles with your bass drums as you keep a cowbell driving in 5.

5) How to solo over this “magic” linear pattern using 3 pedals.

6) How to be a drum genius by dancing on multiple pedals, including woodblocks, cowbells, tambourine and hi-hat.

7) Hypnotize the audience as I show you how to play multiple pedals to different styles of music.

These are mind boggling rhythms that all drummers (except the ones that seen this video) would have to use a 4 track recorder to do. BUT you’ll do them all (most in 1 night), live, in real time with No Over Dubs. This is the revolutionary “new model” for double bass drumming. So get this 90 minute video and join the revolution with Joe today.

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Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick