NEW Crash Course Odd Time Lesson

The Gosh Darn Simplest and Fastest
Way To Play Odd Times In 5
With Doubles, Singles, Rests, and Flams.

Even if you can’t count

When you master the art of playing in odd times you can literally command respect from your peers. YES, I’m talking about having a direct advantage over drummers who are clueless about odd times OR who simply play the basic “BORING” odd time rhythms we’ve heard since the 1970’s. But first let me ask you:

Do odd times scare you? Do you think it’s too complex? Well, how would you like to learn how to play in 5 – the easy way, as you put doubles, singles, and flams together. It requires NO sight-reading and the rhythms you’ll easily learn WILL befuddle other ‘Non Ballistic” drummers. I’ve created a very powerful 50 minute, shortcut “crash course” video on all the ways to play in the time signature of 5. You’ll learn:

1) One powerful linear pattern in 5 that you’ll have down in a matter of minutes

2) How to REALLY count in 5

3) How to play your feet in 6, Lt hand in 5 and your Rt hand in 4.

4) The easy way to flam in 5

5) Applying different time signatures over 5.

6) Mambo and other crazy patterns to play over 5

7) Putting doubles, singles and rests with your bass drums in 5

8) The secret left foot motion – so you can play in 5

9) The same Lt foot motion but with doubles, flams and rests.

10) shuffling in 5 and more. . .

As you can see this video covers a lot of examples to pick and choose from. It’s as if you came to me for a private lesson and wanted the REAL shortcuts to every possible way to play odd times in 5. If you have ever watched drummers like Bozzio, Wackerman, or Portnoy and wanted to have a command over playing odd times – without the years and years of practicing… then this video is for you. You see, 99% of drummers DON’T use flams, doubles and singles in their odd time playing – so you will have the upper hand.  Comes with a 60 day “You play in 5 or your money back” guarantee.

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Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick