AT LAST the one SECRET most drummers thought Buddy Rich took to his grave is
finally being made public.

81-Year-Old Master Drummer Finally Agrees To Reveal The Inside Secret to Playing The Famous One Handed Roll

NO This Is Not Some Trick Bouncing The Stick Off The Rim!

Dear Drummer,

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a one handed roll? I’m not talking about bouncing the stick off the rim or some other B.S. trick. I’m talking about the actual way developed by the world famous drummer Jim Chapin (he taught Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Freddie Gruber, Kenny Aronoff and hundreds more).

There’s only a small handful of drummers in the world who can do the one handed roll today. AND this isn’t because it’s impossible. It’s because these guys are…

Keeping It A Secret From The Public

EVEN 81 year old Jim Chapin has Deliberately kept this out of all his videos and books he’s written. It’s probably because when he gives clinics he has an advantage over every one else.

You see, this one handed roll was based off of an old technique from the 1950’s. This technique let’s you do a one handed roll EFFORTLESSLY!

Back in the 50’s a ton of drummers could do it. But as more and more drummers forgot about technique and started playing more Rock N Roll, the one handed roll somewhat vanished, leaving only a select few drummers to amaze crowds. Of course BUDDY RICH was known for making the one handed roll so stunning – almost mystical.

“I want to thank you for making the One Handed Roll Video available.It was assumed that the video would present a “gimmick” of some sort, however, your price for the product was modest, so I took a chance.Forgive me for my doubts!The One Handed Roll is exactly as advertised and is most definitely a valuable tool that can be used on the drum set in a practical manner.With four weeks of practice of approximately ten minutes per day, a serious player should master Jim Chapin’s unique technique … it really does work!

Permit me to make one suggestion.I feel your sales literature should place more emphasis on the musical application of the One Handed Roll.This method is much more than a “show-off” technique.I perform three to four nights per week and am learning that the One Handed Roll can be used very tastefully in jazz, Latin, and even ballad selections.

Again, I appreciate the fact that your One Handed Roll Video has allowed me to become a more complete player with more command of my instrument.Continued success to you and yours.”


David Norman
Ocala, FL

For Nearly 4 Decades, the Knowledge of the One Handed Roll
Was Kept HIDDEN From You.

But All That Has Changed Because…

A while ago, John Mathews called me up and we started talking about how he loved my Ballistic Bass Drum System and the Isotonik System For Hands that’s been seen in Modern Drummer and Drum magazines.

Anyways, he wanted me to hear what he could do.  So right over the phone he started doing this one handed roll.

He went on to tell me he was a student of Jim Chapin and at a somewhat secret meeting Jim Chapin decided to show a select few of his private students how to do it. John told me ANYONE could do it once they know the secret. I SAID, “Prove it! PUT IT ON FILM!!! so I can see for myself and if it really worked I would tell hundreds of other drummers.”

I Got The Tape

I got the tape and within a few days I had it mastered. So I put together this complete one hand roll video that starts off with John Mathews and ends off with yours truly, Joe Ballistic Stronsick:

You’ll learn:

#1 How to do the one handed roll that John learned from Jim Chapin at a some-what secret meeting.

#2 The 2 exercises that Guarantee you to easily master the one handed roll.

#3 How to apply the one hand roll to a solo, over toms and cymbals.

#4 How to play the one hand roll with traditional grip and matched grip.

#5 How to have both Rt and Lt hands playing a one handed roll – one off the cymbals and the other off the snare. – you gotta hear this.

#6 My mind blowing hi-hat pattern in 5. Listen as you here the roll RAVISH the hi-hat as it opens and closes in 5.

Here’s What They’re Saying After They Received Their One Hand Roll Video

“Extremely impressive, the only words that came out of my mouth were DAMN! It’s extremely simple to learn, my left hand picked it up the same day. It works, and now I’m getting it down with my right hand.”

Larry Barson
Glen Mills PA

“So simple, I wish I found out about this years ago. I’ve been playing for 40 years and I love the excitement from learning the one hand roll. I’m applying it in my solo’s.”

Dennis Desmond
Bellport NY

“The one handed drum roll video was pretty surprising, to say the least.I was taken back by it’s simplicity.After 31 years of drumming, I should have figured it out myself.I had it going within minutes after the video ended.I use it on the bell of my cymbals for an impressive feature in my drum solos.Thank you for sharing it with me.I can see why the old timers would want to keep it a secret.Thanks again.”

Eddie Sitzler

When you order your own personal copy of this incredible one handed roll video today I’m going to give you a 1 month – money back GUARANTEE!!! If you’re not convinced this is the absolute easiest way to do the one handed roll that sounds like Buddy Rich’s then return the video for a full refund (less s&h).

Try to look ANYWHERE for a video revealing how to do THIS one handed roll.  This video reveals the secrets so it won’t take weeks or years to learn.  You can get it down in one evening. That’s why I’m so sure this is the opportunity of a lifetime. So go ahead and click the secure shopping cart button below.

Ballistically Yours,

Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick

One Hand Roll – just $30 plus s&h



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Good old Buddy Rich is probably turning over in his grave right now because what you’ll experience once you get a hold of this incredible NO GLAM, NO B.S., Straightforward, instructional video. It’s something that puts you in the same class as him.