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A Power House Of Joe Stronsick’s Material That Guarantees You’ll Become an In Demand Drummer That Gigging Bands Compete To Hire.

Ballistic Bass Drumming Systems – How to play your feet EXACTLY like your hands at any speed and in any time signature you desire.

Tornado Chops – Discover Old School Jazz cats secrets to tornado around your kit with amazing velocity.

Isotonik System For HANDS – The best chop building system ever.

Isotonik System For FEET – Russian breakthrough that proves it’s the only way to massively increase your speed and endurance.

Vicious Single Strokes – 14 year old kids are using this secret to play faster than professional marching corp drummers… imagine what it can do for you.

One Handed Roll – 81-Year-Old Master Drummer Finally Shows how to develop the one handed roll.

Ballistic Striking Pads – Why use permanent bass drum patches that ruin your heads when you can use these NEW removable striking pads.

Multiple Pedal Revolution DVD – The inside secrets to sounding like you are 3 drummers playing at once.

Odd Time Double Bass Drumming in 5 – Learn the best way to play doubles, singles, rests and flams in 5 even if you can’t count.

Ballistic Independence – Classic video from 1996 that started it all.

How To Flam Your Bass Drums – In less than 15 minutes you’ll be able to flam your bass drums like good ol’ Joe Ballistic.

Spaced Repetion – My #1 Secret to NOT practicing yet still be able to freely solo over any double bass pattern I want.

Ballistic Books – 4 books that will help you become a feared drummer

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