Spaced Repetition. . . EXPOSED On Video Tape

My #1 Secret To NOT Practicing YET
Still Be Able To Freely Solo Over
Any Ballistic Double Bass Pattern I Want

Using my secret you will find your limbs pouring out rhythms that were once stuck in your head but NOW you’ll play them AUTOMATICALLY, WITHOUT EFFORT. I’ve used this secret to take the Ballistic System from just doubles and singles to: putting flams, spaces, doubles and singles all together in different time signatures as my hands freely solo over top, and to play multiple pedals with doubles, singles and flams as my hands freely solo over top.

I know having me show you step by step how I am able to do such things with very little practice will be a great weapon in your arsenal. Finally you’ll get rid of those long hours of practicing. You need access to either: a 4- track recorder, 2 different tape decks or a computer to utilize this strategy. Here’s how this very powerful video is broken down:

1) Developing a double bass pattern to solo over and the right way to lay it down

2) How to use only 2 tracks to make a Spaced Repetition Learning Tape

3) What to do with the hands – 2 different rhythms to get them ingrained into your subconscious faster.

4) How to reach an alpha state so you can practice less and learn more

5) How many days should you listen to the tape you created 6) How many days should you wait before you physically practice

6) How many levels are there to each pattern

7) And more. . .

Using my secrets to developing spaced repetition learning tapes
will put you 2 years ahead of your drumming then where you currently are!

Understanding of the Secret

Self-hypnosis, using spaced repetition learning, helps a drummer to attain “the subconscious feel” which is imperative to good drumming.  The subconscious feel has been described as the rhythm you have during a great practice session or when you feel you are in the grove.  Any conscious effort usually produces tension.

This is what is meant when you are told that “you are trying to hard” (practicing too much and seeing little results).  Your conscious mind is so concerned with the mechanical movements and your desire to play with powerful rhythms in perfect time that it repeatedly produces muscle tension.

Having a great feel is what makes a great drummer.  Once you have learned to activate this subconscious feeling and to solo over any bass drum patterns you desire with total relaxation and great timing, you’ll be well on your way to being the drummer you always wanted to become.

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Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick