Bass Drum UPDATE!!!

NEW Removable Ballistic Bass Drum Striking Pads Give You Multiple Bass Drum Sounds That’ll WARP Your Mind!

Why use one of those permanent bass drum patches that ruin your heads when you can pick ANY or ALL of these Incredible Bass Drum Sounds To Make Your Feet Sound Better:
Volcano, Thunderstorm, Ghost, Mini-Musket, or Pounding Surf

Do you have this problem?

I was frustrated with the sound coming out of my bass drums… AND changing bass drums and heads didn’t help. I mean, no matter what I played, my bass drum sounded muddy and all those intricate, insane, ballistic patterns that I wanted people to hear were being washed out.  Frustratingly I tried 3 common steps to solve my problem.

Did they work?

Number One: I switched between using different bass drum beaters. Overall it was too much of a pain AND didn’t give me a lot of sounds to choose from.

Number Two: I tried using different peel and apply surfaces directly on my beaters… these were permanent, WORE OUT and I ended up buying new bass drum beaters (what a waste).

Number Three: I also applied one of those “popular” permanent bass drum patches that got “super glued” to my bass drum head. With it, I suffered the consequences of NEVER getting it off OR changing the sound. I finally had to buy a new bass drum head (more wasted money).

You Can Now Show Off Your Feet With These Interchangeable Ear-Teasing Sounds That’ll Warp Your Mind!!!

You see, it just made sense to develop removable striking pads that mount on your bass drum head. Your bass drum beater would simply whack any striking pad you choose for the style of music you’re playing. For example, I use the “Volcano” pad when I play aggressive type music, but if all of a sudden I have to play a ballad, than as fast as I can blink, I simply remove that striking pad and attach the “Ghost” pad to my  bass drum head and I’m set to go.

The unique Ballistic Striking Pads attach to the bass drum by a special Industry Grade hook and loop fastener. You can literally detach one style of sound pad effect and quickly apply another effect in under two seconds.

Check Out These Eclectic Sounds

I developed these Ballistic Striking Pads to give off sounds that WILL show off your feet and warp your mind. One striking pad sounds like a fiery mini-musket being shot off. Another sounds like a quiet thunderstorm coming from your feet. AND one even sounds like a soft pounding surf. You can even get 2 different sounds coming from your bass drums by applying 2 different pads to your bass drum head so that each beater strikes a different pad (shown on FREE video). Remember that these Ballistic Striking Pads also protect you from putting those jack-hammered holes in your bass drum head (something I used to do once a week).

Think About This:

With your hands, you can use brushes, sticks, mallets and even tire irons on your drum set.
NOW, you can have even more choices with your feet!

Here’s The BIG Benefit Of Using Them Today!

The Ballistic Striking Pads will make professional recording seem like a breeze because the NEW tones coming from your bass drums will make studio engineers VERY, VERY happy. AND if you really want to warp other drummers minds with your feet, no matter what style of music you play, then these Ballistic Striking Pads are for you.

Order a Pack today, and experience these ear-teasing sounds.  And, if these ballistic striking pads don’t show off your feet, while hearing a dramatic difference in your recording – one so noticeable that you can hear it immediately, then send the pads back anytime within 30 days, and I will send you a prompt and courteous refund (less shipping and handling).

So don’t use those expensive permanent bass drum pads that cost over$9 a piece, give you ONLY one sound AND ruin your heads, when you can have all these NEW switchable, distinctive, mind-warping sounds available at your fingertips.  Click the secure shopping cart button below to order the Ballistic Striking Pads today.

FREE Bonuses When You Order The “PRO Ballistic Striking Pads” Today

FREE Video and Three short striking pads for incredible multiple sounds ($14 value)


1) Use your credit or debit card and order on my High-Speed processing, 24-hour secure voicemail line at  1-805-242-3786 and mention “Striking Pads”  There just $24.99 plus s&h.  Includes 5 pads (Ghost, Mini-Musket, Pounding Surf, Volcano and Quiet Thunderstorm),  fastener, & FREE video

2) Phones are answered live (when I’m not teaching) M-F 10-5 EST at 1-805-242-3786.


Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick