I wanted to share my experiences with Joe’s Double Bass Drum Technique. I met Joe at a NAMM show and we were discussing double bass drum technique and he promised to show me something that I have never seen that would improve my double bass drum technique immediately. So I went over his house and we spent time working on the technique, and the positioning of the pedal and beater.

I’m here to say that it is definitely unique and definitely different and it will increase your ability very very quickly. This is the crème-de-la-crème technique that you should definitely check out because what you’re doing is playing faster with less effort, you don’t have to work as hard and that will ultimately give you more stamina, endurance and you’ll just play better. I was definitely impressed and I recommend that people check this out.”

Kenny Aronoff (Ricky Martin, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.)

… a giant leap forward in bass drum technique – especially for developing speed and control. He represents his ideas in logical steps that allow any drummer to develop lightning-fast feet.”

Drum Magazine – Andy Doerschuck

I want to thank you… It has helped me so much in my double bass playing drumming, that I owe a lot to you. I thank you again, for all your beautiful playing, your playing was incredible.”

Walfredo Reyes Sr.(Pioneer of world music, Tony Bennet, Sammy Davis jr., Doc Severinsen, etc.)

I was shocked at how good you are at drumming and astounded at how great you are at teaching your method to others.

After owning your material for literally only a couple of weeks I took my new speed to the Warped Tour’s Extreme Sport Drumming competition in Boston MA. It only took ONE TRY for me to set the fastest feet record for the entire Boston area.

But, it wasn’t really just the speed that you taught me that helped me win. It was the confidence. This award actually helped me get a couple of gigs. And I have you to thank. Your Ballistic Bass Drumming System is incredible!”

Lenny Vitulli, Boston MA – Fastest Feet Record Holder

I have a confession to make.I’m fifty years old and quite drumming for 28 years while serving in the Navy.I was extremely skeptical about your system due to one basic consideration.If you system is so great, why haven’t your students spread it far and wide by word of mouth?Finally I took the plunge out of desperation.I ordered your material

I’ve followed your instructions to the letter.Today, after 8 days of practice, I’m cutting loose with extended duplet and triplet rolls. So now I know the answer, at least in my own case.I’m selfish, pure and simple.I have no intention of sharing these techniques with anyone for any reason. Mega thanks for what you’re doing and what you’re teaching.

You’re legit and so is your system.”

Bud Bretz, Bristol RI

Within the first 30 minutes I was able to accomplish some things that I could not do for years with other books and techniques. … the system is so easy and “user friendly… I am really excited about practicing now because I see results faster…

Joe, thank you so much for your time, books and videos. Your “Ballistic System” is the answer for me!!!”

Charles Collins, 12 Platinum and 15 Gold Album Awards. The Jacksons, Elton John, etc. Soundtracks include: Lethal Weapon II, Saturday Night Fever, City Slickers and more.

I’m excited about Joe’s double bass drumming system. I called him and he came over to help me with my doubles and singles.. I told him that I couldn’t do doubles with my left foot. He said “give me an hour and I’ll have you doing them.”

We sat down, tweaked my pedals and started going through his exercises. I started to get the hang of doing the left foot doubles and combining them with right foot doubles. He explains his system very clearly. I’d recommend this system to any serious double bass student.”

Gregg Bissonette – Recorded with Santana, Steve Vai, Celine Dion, David Lee Roth, and more

I played professionally as a touring and recording artist with groups out of Pittsburgh.Anyway, I have always struggled with my bass drum technique.

I have taken lessons from many well-known and not so well-known instructors and no one has ever explained all the details the way you do.

I was completely blown away. The right information is the key to learning anything.All I can say I thanks for sharing the unvarnished truth about bass drum technique.

The world needs more teachers like Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick!”

Ned Rankin, Pittsburgh PA

I got immediate results and it takes potential speed to a whole new level.”

Rocky Neill / Author of Mel Bay’s Complete Double Bass Cook Book

When I saw your report I thought it was BOLOGNA.

But I was desperate to be the best.I got the system and said HOLY S#!T.

It’s all revealed in this system.I’ve incorporated the Ballistic System in between sets and at the bar mingling, this drum pro, about 40, said “what kind of drugs are you on – what kind of pedals are you using”.

YES it was wasn’t a waste of money!”

Jeremy Rupert, Mascoutah IL Peep ‘N Tom

Remarkable technique that can be done by anyone.Really simple to be done and the mental exercises help you in hearing your outcome before you practice.”

Chris Toney, Williamstown WV

It works, check it out – within 5 minutes I was doing very quick doubles!”

Keith White, Shaker Hts OH

Honest, legitimate, a lot of thought went into this system. So much information, I’m really happy to finally see a video that covers this kind of hidden information.

I’ve gone through 3 different teachers and I’ve gotten more from this system.To have the best bass drums you start with the Ballistic System.

The visualization portion of the system gave me more Ballistic Abilities. I feel like a valued customer. I’m keeping this system a secret.”

Bob Thompson, Longmont, CO

Incredible – when you see the video you’ll wonder why more drummers aren’t doing this. Quick results, his cassettes cover a lot of heavy things.”

Rudy Sisneros, Islip NY

I’ve been playing for 8 years and my double bass drums (triplet patterns) just weren’t coming out.I was willing to try anything. I was some what skeptical at first but with only 15 minutes a day my triplet playing is phenomenal!

Eric BircherPhoenixAZGrasp

You’re not going to find anything like this anywhere PERIOD!

His method works.It kicks ass.The fastest thing I’ve ever heard.His rhythms are so precise.Thanks for revealing your secrets!”the

Seth Nokes Roswell NM Alienated

The natural motion is easy to get down – it just clicks instantly.”

Matt BrookmanSewell NJ

Best investment I’ve ever made.I’ve easily learned to just sit there, drink my coffee as my feet are going 100 MPH.”

John Sadowski – Ontario Canada

The Ballistic System helped more than any other video I’ve seen in the past.The most innovative method in years.It changed my whole thinking – it opened up a whole new spectrum.I’ve watched Neil Pert videos and he is great but it didn’t inspire me like the Ballistic System did.I became excited after watching the video and went right at it with immediate results.”

Steve Stafford Burlington WA

I was blown away when I first saw this.It’s totally ballistic.I realized I wasted years trying to play double bass ‘the wrong way’!It took my drumming to the next level effortlessly.”

Bryan West -Davenport IA Independent/Frontier

It takes the secret out of drumming.Nobody is showing what Joe is.It’s the best drum video I have ever seen.I got it saturday and immediately – it started happening.I was putting doubles and singles together.It was so natural and easy.For the last 10 years I was taught the wrong way!”

Paul Cohen – Clyde TX

Thanks for the system!You are an excellent player and your technique has really refined and smoothed out my playing style!”

Mike Scoggins – Colorado Springs CO

It’s a gamble buying something through mail order and thinking maybe I’ll get stiffed.Not with the Ballistic System.My teachers never taught me this kind of information.He revealed it all, broke it down from step 1. In fact my brother andI go to Bozzio clinics and he thought Bozzio was the Fastest, most complex.Well he heard the Ballistic System and said “How In the HELL Is He Doing That?”I told him he’s doing it all with his feet.”

Peter Schuler Oxbgidge MAIndependent

I hooked up with Joe and went in the back of his studio Within minutes I was doing things that I never thought I could do with my bass drums. Like swiss triplets and flamming and things like that. I bought his video, book and system and within a couple of weeks I was rolling my bass drums I found out that this system really works. Chuck Morris – Arsenio Hall Show, Modern Drummer Festivals, Chaka Kan, Common Sense.

It was really an honor to meet one of the fastest bass pedal player if not the fastest bass pedal player in the world.Your Ballistic System doubled my speed without exerting too much effort, and it gave me more room on my volume and dynamics.”

Jun Regalado – Asia’s #1 Studio Drummer, Recorded on over 2000 albums.

I’ve just finished another Ballistic Bass Drums workout and I still can’t believe that those were MY feet playing double bass drums! Your method is FANTASTIC! Being a drummer for over 30 years (I started quite young), I’ve naturally seen and heard all the claims for improving double-bass proficiency. But in the short time that I’ve followed your instruction and worked out using the Ballistic Method, I can honestly say that I’ve improved faster than I ever believed possible. I’m now doing open rolls, mixing singles and doubles, it sounds like I’m playing my bass drums with my hands. Learning and practicing your natural motion is such a blast – I’ve never enjoyed practicing so much before!

What I really appreciate bout your course is that you demonstrate how to apply double bass drumming to a wide variety of styles. So if any drummer out there is considering the Ballistic Bass Drumming System but is still not quite sure, I can only say “GO FOR IT!”

Steve Filarecki, Metamora MI

I must admit that I was very skeptical before I ordered and began studying your Ballistic Bass Drumming System. As an instrumental music teacher and professional drummer for over thirty years, I warn my students about using quick fix gimmicks and over night technical miracles in the place of consistent and legitimate daily routine practice. I studied your system while I was on summer vacation. Immediately I was astonished at how fast and smooth I was playing. Within two weeks, I was playing faster and smoother than I had ever previously played. I am able to play all styles, but most of my gigs are jazz and big band. On the gigs, I got a lot of head turns from musicians and I still receive a look of amazement from colleague drummers who wonder how I am able to play my double bass drums with such lightening speed. Your system has added a new dimension to my playing because I can now use my feet very much like I use my hands. I now teach and encourage my high school jazz and band drummers, and my private students to order your system.

Joe, I am convinced, I am no longer skeptical. Your Ballistic Bass Drum System is the most natural and logical study of double bass drums I have ever used in my teaching and playing. Any serious minded drummer who wants to play double bass drums and get better at it without physical exhaustion should use your system.”

Philip Butts, Band and Orchestra Director Arundel High School. Gambrills MD

Joe, first I have to give a big thanks to you!

Since I started playing over 10 years ago, I wanted lightning speed on my double kick pedal but it just wasn’t happening. Thanks to you and only you, I now have that knowledge. I learned the ballistic motion in about 15 minutes. It was a new motion for me but within weeks of practicing this motion, I can now squeeze it out at 216 BPM! The Ballistic Bass Drumming System really works.”

Rene Pivin, Lancaster NH

As a professional drummer for over 20 years, I must thank you for this incredible information. Your ballistic system has allowed me to realize stuff I’ve only dreamed of. My double bass chops are terrifying drummers and small children.

Seriously, I’ve been touring since 1993 with Jefferson Starship and since 1994 with the The Tubes and recently with Vince Welnick(Grateful Dead) and Missing Man Formation. Combine that with a teaching schedule when I’m in town and recording sessions and you get very little time to “woodshed” a new concept. I’ve always wanted the same flexibility with my feet that I have with my hands. The Ballistic System has taught me just that. I’m playing doubles and flams in days not months. I’ve been able to apply your techniques to a wide variety of music. Funk, Latin, Surf, Swing, Rockabilly as well as Rock and Thrash. It’s incredibly easy and no gimmicks. This really works. I was able to learn the motion in 10 minutes. Now, I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone, this, like all new things must be practiced, and learned. But were talking weeks not years. The bonus is that your applied learning techniques have been a real eye opener and I’ve been getting 100% more out of the little practice time I do have. I’ve been telling everyone – not just drummers about your learning techniques and have been getting great reviews. Oh, I almost forgot to mention – you’re a real nice guy to boot. Keep up the good work and I’ll spread the word.”

Trey Sabatelli, Castro Valley CA

I’m writing to thank you for your terrific Ballistic Bass Drum System. I received it just last night, and within 15 minutes I was able to play my bass drums with a speed and control that I was unable to accomplish after 24 years of playing the traditional way.”

Cort Howard, Waukesha WI

I’ve been playing drums for 4 years. Death, Speed, and Thrash Metal. To play this kind of music you need major endurance. I’ve build my legs up to play well over 200 BPM but that’s too much work. I could never get my doubles up to the speed I wanted. When I would try triplets, it didn’t sound smooth or natural. When I first started the Ballistic motion, i got fast solid doubles within 15 minutes. For 2 months I’ve been playing with the system, my doubles, triplets and double bass rolls are at lightning speed. Now that I have this awesome ability it’s really opened my mind to all the unlimited possibilities I can incorporate in my music.”

Ty Matthews, Laguna Niguel CA

I bought your system a little less than a year ago, put it to work, and saw immediate results. Your techniques are distinct from anything I’ve seen or experienced in the past. Some things lacking in other courses are detailed explanation of pedal efficiency, bass drum technique, and visualization. I found your system incorporated these so I could unleash my true potential. Now I get results quicker, practicing smarter not harder. Thanks again for all your inside tips and secrets. Your friend and fellow drummer.”

Kevin Colwell, Newport Beach CA

I’ve been playing double bass for three years. I play a range of music from blues to heavy metal. Your ballistic bass drum system has had an incredible affect on my playing. It has allowed my feet to play a more natural flow instead of trying to force those rolls and accents in its place. I have learned to control the movement of the pedals better and stop those extra beats from slipping in and messing up the beat. I have doubled my speed and gained control of the bass drums by using your system. Many of my friends have noticed that my playing has proceeded to a higher level. I have used your system for almost two months, and I can already say it is the best system out today. This system is definitely the one to get where you can actually see benefits and tell that it works.

Thanks a lot Joe, your system has been of great benefit to me.”

Rusty Smith, Princeton WV

I’m 43 years old and have been playing since I was 8. I purchased your ballistic bass drum system about 2 months ago. Within 10 minutes I was executing the motion with both feet. My left foot would have never been able to do this on it’s own the old fashioned way. I worked through all of the exercises in your book and am now taking standard double bass licks from books and magazines to the next level with ease. I can turn any 16th note into a 32nd note at the snap of my fingers (or foot!!!) Before I learned (and practiced) the Ballistic Motion I was “running” on my pedals pretty much like every other drummer. BORING!!! And Tiresome!!! I used to be able to do single stroke 16ths (RLRLRL…) at a metronome speed of 160 BPM and my legs were killing me after a couple of minutes. Now, with the Ballistic Motion, I am doing these at a metronome speed of 252 BPM! My drum teacher (and good friend) came over the other day and I played him some “stuff” I was working on. He was, to say the least, amazed! This guy is a pro and has played with some big name artists. In closing I can honestly say this is probably the most ground-breaking and useful technique that I ever came across. Thank you Joe.”

Thomas Geisler Jr. Shelton CT

I am pleased to say that the Ballistic Bass Drumming System is as good as it gets. I am 17 years old and have been playing for about 10 years. Throughout my experience, I’ve come across lots of people who have showed me their bass drum techniques. None of the really worked. “This ballistic system?” I thought to myself. “Will it work for me?” Little did I know, it enhanced my playing greatly. I see why it was kept a secret.”

Waymon Tatum Jr, Milwaukee WI

I’m 43 years old and I started playing about 4 years ago. My job does not permit me to play in a band but I have a group of guys I regularly jam with. I also have a large collection of books and CD’s that I play against. I’ve been frustrated with my bass drums playing for nearly all of those 4 years – yep, until I tried your ballistic bass drum system. I wanted to simply improve my right foot and I did. I can’t believe how comfortable I feel. Within the first week I could play almost anything. I decided to try it with my left foot. It took a little longer, perhaps 3-4 weeks before I was comfortable with my left foot. But I’m there. Thank you and God bless.”

Mike Zimmering, Arlington TX

I’ve been playing drums since ’83 and jamming with my band “Malicious Hate” since ’88. We don’t do much of the slower groovy stuff because I didn’t want my guitar player to play a really cool riff while I end up playing the same old boring 16th note RLRL pattern that’s been over-done for years. Around ’94 I quit practicing (except with the band). There just wasn’t anything to learn that was cool or fun! Until I got your Ballistic Bass Drumming System. It made me 500% more interested in playing drums!!! To me bass drums were kind of secondary to everything else. It never entered my mind that it was possible to play bass drums like this. The ballistic system changed the way I approach my drums 100%. My creativity was boosted 100% and keeps growing. My brain is going crazy with ideas… I can barely keep up!!! In fact, I had to start up another band just to satisfy all the creativity!!!”

Chuck “Dirty Dog” Updyke, Muskegon MI

Let me start off by commending you for sharing such an increcible system with the drumming community. Ballistic Bass Drums is a priceless tool that has helped me to gain what I never thought possible. For whatever reason you had for wanting to share this system with thousands of drummers, I sincerely thank you. The best thing about it is that the system is so easy. It doesn’t require the endless hours of practice and bodybuilding that some of today’s most prominent speed metal players have endured in order to reach their current level. I have been playing double bass for about one year and then I heard your CD. I honestly can say that I began to drool. Several good things have occurred as a result of this system. Everything I play now is ballistic. First off, when I would listen to the music of my favorite group I would go insane trying to figure out the sticking for the double bass patterns. Not so after I got your system, I now put forth less effort by combining doubles into the pattern instead of singling them out. Next, my singles are so much cleaner and quicker resulting in ballistic feet. Your system works miracles in drummer’s feet which I never thought possible. I hope that the system reaches as many people as possible so that the frustrations commonly found will fade away. God bless you Joe for sharing this secret to the world of drumming.”

Pablo Sanmiguel Jr, Miami FL

We, at Gibraltar, are pleased that the Ballistic Systems has chosen our pedals to demonstrate their incredible pedal technique.The video is special for several reasons.First of all, it highlights basic techniques that can help all aspects of your playing.If applied correctly, these same techniques can help you with aspects of your personal life.Additionally, it puts incredible technical skill within the reach of average players.Lastly, it speaks to you and not over you as do many instructional videos on the market.”

John Roderick Jr., former Director Of Marketing, Gibraltar now Director Of Marketing Evans Heads

I’ve been drumming for about a year and a half now, and love to play the drums. Your system helped me so much with my speed and control of my bass drums. Before I had trouble maintaining speed and controlling the pedals, now I can do whatever I want. My speed is twice as fast. I can stop on a dime. And it’s so easy, it only took me one day to learn the Ballistic Motion. I play in a hard core metal/rock band and every time we play in front of a crowd, people come up to me and compliment how good my double bass skills are. Anyone who play’s double bass should buy this system. At first I had my doubts but when I bought the system I was blown away. Thanks for eveything.”

Russell Kummer, Lewisville ID

I’m sure you get letters like this all the time. I am 31 yrs old and I have bee playing since I was 12 years of age and I have got to tell you that this system has entirely changed the wy I look at playing drums. I have only had this system since March 10th (3 weeks) and already I am doing things on double bass that I thought never possible. Before I came across your system I was ready to give up playing double bass, because I just couldn’t get it down no matter what I tried, whether it be ankle weights, heal lifts, or practicing rudiments with my feet. It didn’t make a damn bit of difference. I could play 16th notes fairly well but not too fast and I’m in a metal band. Now, I’m doing buzz rolls with my feet! I never though this possible! I went to band rehearsal last night and the guys were like “What the hell??” They kept asking me how I was doing it and I told them I was secretly taking lessons from a double bass master. The asked me who, I told them Joe Stronsick. They asked me to show them how I was doing these insane rolls, and I told them I would never tell. If I can do it, anyone can. Thanks joe.”

Jayson Yates, Beloit WI

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how excited I am about the Ballistic Bass Drum System. I have been playing double bass drums for about 15 years and I truly believe your system is the “state of the art” double bass technique. My current band is a Judas Priest tribute band called “British Steel.” We play up and down the East Coast and every night is a double bass workout. When I saw you ad claiming that your system could help me play faster and with less effort, I was hooked. When you system arrived, I watched the video 3 times the first day. Your technique is different than anything I was ever taught but immediately made a lot of sense. Everything made a difference from adjusting the pedals to organizing practice time, et. My left foot was already good but your system made it “ballistic.” You should be on the cover of Modern Drummer.”

Mike Smith, Schenectady, NY

It has been a pleasure to learn from you. You are a well rounded keyboard as well as being big and bad on the drums. I figured I needed to improve on my bass drum pedaling, and that is what attracted me to your ad in Modern Drummer. I saw definite results in about 4 days or so. I am impressed with your foot coordination. Until I heard of you, the only person that came close was Horacio Hernandez. Good Day.”

Nkana Eko, Wayne IN

Hi , Joe. I think you are the master of masters or I should say you are like a 10th black belt degree Grand Master of double bass. I personally think that double bass drums are a true art. When I started learning drums I didn’t have any idea of what a double pedal was so I was just playing a single pedal. So after a couple of years I moved to Michigan and I had the big chance of attending to my very first drum clinic with Dom Famularo, Chad Wackerman, etc. These guys are responsible for me getting into double bass. But when I got behind the drums I started practicing my doubles with both feet and it turned out that it wasn’t that easy and I got frustrated. I met a guy that taught me the old single bass exercise which is BD,BD,RH,LH with 8th &16th notes around the kit. I practiced that for like 4 years without achieving nothing but frustration. I was the slowest guy around. Then I started practicing 16th notes (RLRL) on double bass, I was getting the hang of it but again i wanted to be able to play like Virgil and I couldn’t no matter what. So one day I was reading the Modern Drummer magazine and i saw the famous ad saying “Learn how to play your feet exactly like your hands doing single doubles and flams.” I didn’t think twice and I got the free report and CD. When I got it. I astounded and my brother told me NOT to order the system because you were playing with a drum machine – ’cause there was no way in the world that a human being could play like that with the feet. But I didn’t care and I ordered the system and when I saw the video and you were showing how the technique was done I was in absolute shock. I said “God 2 strikes so lighting fast with one movement that I coudn’t even see!!!” I was amazed so I started practicing it with both feet and I got it down in 15 minutes. I started getting so much speed with both of my feet so easy I was amazed and mad that I spent like 6 years working on stuff that was useless. In one month with all the stuff that you taught me, I was having more speed with my feet than those guys that used to laugh at me and I now say “now who’s faster?” I went to TX to study music at this institute and I was afraid that there were better drummers than me. Nobody could play doubles and singles like me. This rock band even kicked their drummer out just because he couldn’t play double bass like me. So really, thanks Joe. You are the man. So now when I see Virgil, I still respect him but now I can play my double bass drums like him.”

Eddie Beltran, Wyoming MI

Joe, first off I would like to say thank you for teaching me doubles, flams, and many more necessary things to achieve speed and endurance in double bass drumming. This summer when I was 13, I saw your ad in Drum! magazine and thought it was too good to be true, but I tried it out anyway. When I got your free CD in, I thought to myself “Wow! This guy actually knows what he is talking about!” Well a few days ago as a Christmas present I received a collection of videos and CD’s mailed to me from “Stronsick Solutions.” As soon as I saw that, my christmas was complete and I am now a step further to being a professional drummer. Thank you.”

Brandon Schleter, Somerset KY

Just thought I drop you an e-mail to tell you how I’m doing playing my drums. Well it took me awhile playing with my pedals, seat height adjustments and pedal board adjustments. I finally got control over my double pedals playing. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t responding to the pedals playing. Then I came to realize that, you mentioned in your video. That how high and how low you set the pedal board is so important for smooth playing. My pedals are now set and I’m enjoying playing with control now. 160bpm is nothing to play. I can get over 200 with 16th notes now. I’ve only been playing double bass for almost 2 years now. 8th notes I can hit a lot more than 200bpm. I really have you to thank for this, I do doubles like nothing now. I play triplets with my feet, I alternate foot patterns also with my hands. I mean if I went back to my drum teacher and showed him my foot work. I would make his head spin, with putting doubles together with singles and flams. Well sorry for the letter just wanted to tell you all this. Once again, thank you. You fixed my problems.”

Chris Pisano, Staten Island NY

To everybody interested in Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick and his Bass Drum System: Joe is a fantastic teacher. He has a refreshing attitude and sense of humor. It’s really a pleasure learning from him. He explains everything in great detail. He makes sure you understand it.

His videos and his Inner Circle monthly CD’s are incredible. He teaches you many different styles, methods, and techniques. He really shares his wealth of information, not only about drums specifically but about the mind and its relation to our limbs and how we learn. He really has a unique way of teaching you to be great.

His material is far beyond everything you’ve ever learned. Honestly, from the very start, just the Ballistic Bass Drum System puts you years ahead of everybody else. Other testimonials say that it’s not a magic pill, but I think it is. It is the magic pill, the magic, the revelation you’ve been waiting for. Open your eyes and your mind to his knowledge. Absorb it; breathe it; live it. You won’t be sorry.

His multiple pedal video and the Inner Circle CD’s will take your feet where they’ve never been before. You’ll be layering rhythms on top of rhythms. You’ll be soloing and playing your brains out. He has many approaches to developing your independence, little tricks or techniques that separate your limbs. There are also many things with the feet that sound like you have incredible independence with the bass drums and hi-hat and multiple pedals; but it’s a simple technique that can easily be learned (kind of like there’s no independence involved at all, but nobody else will know that).

His material on developing your hands will blow you away with its simplicity and power. You will smoke the competition. Stop wasting your time trying to develop boring rolls around your toms. Joe will teach you the secret technique to flying around the toms with ease and without breaking a sweat. This will easily put you in a new and unique level above everyone else.

You can finally be free of the chains of stagnant teachers and old, dysfunctional teachings. You can’t really understand what he has to offer until you try it. And trust me, with every video you’ll be wanting more and more. I have all of his videos, and I CANNOT wait until the next one comes. Every month I look forward to receiving my Inner Circle CD with its new lesson. Seriously, take the chance to be different, to be refreshed and excited again about playing the drums. And don’t forget MUSIC!!! You won’t be sorry!

Angel Anguiano, Van Nuys CA

I am totally sold with the Ballistic Bass Drum system…not only can I get good quick, I want to. I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world and this is the best instructional video I have seen. I thought I blew my money on your system…I have looked everywhere for doublebass instruction and always get the same thing….tab and some rich guy telling me to practice more, but little do we know they actually have been playing drums since they fell out of the womb, so of course its easy for them. The erasure technique has also effected my work life. It took me 2 and a half years to quit smoking cigarrettes, problem is I work in a highly stressful office, get pi**ed off, now I try the technique and can make it to the end of the day without wanting to go postal at my work. My most favorite drummer in the world now seems like the person who uses the most energy to play! I can’t listen to regular music now without hearing the ballistic style in my head. Oh, It took me only one day to do your one handed drum roll on my ride cymbal! Thank you Ballistic Joe.

David Pearlman, Rohnert Park CA

I’m probably like most of the people who took a risk & bought into your system! When I received it, I was excited, when I opened the package, I wasn’t sure at first, but I think my first reaction is, I got ripped off, I thought, did I get tricked with a play on words for the one year guarantee as well?

I took the material with skepticism & thought, well what do I have to lose at this point, I started with the video & moved on from there, in about an hour & half after working on my pedals, then approximately twenty or thirty minutes later I could do a pretty good ballistic motion. I thought your marketing info was a lot of hype! So it took me a while of seeing your add in Modern Drummer before I was ready to take a chance & even call for the CD info. Well I stand corrected!!! I’m very glad I ordered!!!

Now I think, your a drumming Guru, the Bruce Lee of the drum world, very ahead of the times, I’m very impressed with your system & the simplicity of it, I’m making it work, you’ve helped this drummer feel much more confident & more accurate in his playing in a very short period of time, I know I’ve just got started & have a ways to go, but in this short time I’ve heard a fantastic change, I’m excited about it.

I get up thinking I can’t wait to work on this new technique to develop my playing skills, I’m working on it at the kits & away from them, every chance I get.

I’ve been trained in the martial arts for some time & I have learned about the mental training, that I feel is so important that a lot of teachers leave out! Well u bring it out & help others to understand it, I have been exposed to some of this information before so I believe it from past experiences, your the teacher who points his finger to the moon & if we don’t focus on your finger we wont miss all that heavenly glory that’s out there for each & every one of us, thanks again for taking the time to do that Joe, I feel your someone who is passionate about his instrument & willing to share his ideas.

Your videos & audios teach & that’s what I’ve been looking for. There not just someone showing off their talents.

Walter Mueller, Aurora IL

First of all.. thank God for you and your system.. my drumming has become my life almost entirely because of the inspiration I have been given by what your system did for my feet! Death metal forever.. and the way it can be applied to all other types of music.. its so incredible.

Gabriel Thomas, Fort Worth TX

I am a bass player who has not had a bass in my hands for over 15 years. Now that I have real time for a hobby I have chosen to play drums. I have an electronic Vdrum system that I have been messing with for about a year (real time 6 months). You have been sending me things in the mail for about a year. I finally took your challenge and all I have to say is holy sh*t. After watching the tape I did the motion 200 times with each foot and I am kicking ass. I could not wait to go to a friends house who has an acoustic set to show him my new feet. I did not mean to, but I think I hurt his feeling because he could not even touch it… and he has been playing on a pro level for 20 years. All I can say Joe is thanks!”

Gary Johnson, Brandon FL

It’s amazing hat your video & tapes have taught me. I never thought I could do the stuff I’m doing with my feet. A few years ago I took a fall from about 14 feet high, really smashed up my right foot. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to play again. But I think I’m doing better now than ever. My left foot is by far faster and better than my right one. I lost one of the joints in my right foot and have arthritis in it. It just don’t want to move as fast as I’d like it to. Your technique has made big improvements in it though.

Rod Price, Alum Bank, PA

It’s 7:38am in Northern England and I feel inspired to write to you. Here’s my story… I’m 23 years old and I’ve been playing drums since I was 11. I’m an intelligent guy and I like to challenge myself with interesting concepts. I have a degree in physics which kind of sums up how my mind works – I like to know how things work. With this mindset I’m always analysing my technique and trying to figure out the best way to get the most out of my sticks or pedals. In 1999 I bought a modern drummer festival performance of Virgil Donati and was blown away by his feet. I’ve spent a reasonable amount of my practice time in the last 4 years trying to get my left foot to comfortably play double strokes. I thought I was doing quite well…

About 2 years ago I booked myself in for a week of private lessons at Drumtech in London. I’d never had a teacher who was up to much in terms of technique. All the guys who’d taught me just played and hadn’t really thought much about their own technique. I was keen to get some new insights. One of the things I was most interested in was improving my doubles on my right foot. I’d been aware for a long time that I couldn’t get the 2 strokes to have an even volume because of the sliding technique I used (from a Weckl video). Anyway, they showed me a bass drum technique but it wasn’t a whole lot better than what I was using.

I’ve been teaching for about 6 years. About a month ago I got a call from a guy wanting lessons. He was only 15 and said he’d outgrown his current teacher and wanted to concentrate on some more advanced techniques. I went over to his house. The first lesson was spent with me trying to figure out what level he was at. His playing in general was pretty good. I noticed he had a double kick pedal, so I asked him to show me what he could do on that (I was getting ready to impress him with the possibilities of playing doubles with his left foot). He sat down and played a straight rock groove with a DU-GA-DU-GA-BAP fill. My jaw dropped when I realised he’d played it as double strokes on his pedals and it sounded incredibly clean and even. I asked him to play it again and stared intently at his left foot. It looked as though he was walking on air. I couldn’t believe that he’d also spent 4 years pondering over how to play left foot doubles so I asked him where he learned to do it. That’s where I first heard about you…

So, he lends me this video of Joe Stronsick. I thought ‘I’ve never heard of this guy – how come’. I got home and put the video on, was a bit dubious at first. Then I see the demonstration of the whipping technique – wow! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As excited as I was I was absolutely knackered and fell asleep watching the video.

This morning I got up at 6 and walked over to my practice kit (a DTX with an old pearl P60 pedal). I couldn’t make all the adjustments you suggested, all I could do was tighten the spring (I usually play with it pretty loose). I sat down and started to try and get the motion down. After about 5 minutes I got one (actually managed to get my left foot to do it before my right). I could not believe how simple it was. It honestly felt like the holy grail. I did 100 of them then went down for breakfast and spent 10 minutes telling this story to my mum – who had no interest whatsoever. I was buzzing.

So anyway, you haven’t had any money at all off me. I checked out your website, I can be a sucker for these things and I think had I come across it before borrowing the video I’d probably have given it a go. My question is ‘why did it take me so long to find you?’ I read modern drummer and Rhythm (English drum mag) every month and I’ve never heard of this.

I really wish I’d found your tape years ago. At this moment in time I’m intending to write to Rhythm with a review of it just because I’m so excited. The difficult thing is that because I’m so excited whatever I write sounds like it’s made up. It sounds like one of those infomercials (which I may now view in a different light :-)

I’m guessing you must be a pretty intelligent guy. There are a lot of ideas I can relate to in your video – you’ve obviously thought about the ergonomics of the body and there seems to be more than a hint of NLP ideas in there. I really wish you all the best and THANK YOU so much for ending my frustration.

I’m kind of torn between thinking that everybody needs to know about this technique (Moeller for feet) because it’s beneficial to every drummer in the world, and wanting to not tell anybody and just blow them away with my bass drum technique. I feel it’s a shame that 99% of the world is driven by money, but at the same time I think you deserve reward for your contribution to drumming. Best of luck with everything.”

Joe Crabtree, England

I just received your video today and almost immediately got the “ballistic motion” down. I can already combine singles and doubles together. I can’t believe how effective it is. I was wondering if you had any sticker’s? I want to be proud and show what it’s really all about! “BEING BALLISTIC!””

Trynt Kelly, St. Joseph MO

I had seen the advertisement for the Ballistic Drum System in Modern Drummer for many months. I had begun to feel my bass drumming becoming stagnant. It felt like I was not progressing at all. So I finally called the number to get the free CD. Boy am I glad I did! I listened to the CD a few times the day it came and I was blown away to hear what this guy was doing with his feet. I was even more blown away that he would show me how to get my feet to play exactly what my hands were playing. I placed my order for the tapes the next day. I watched my tape when it arrived and couldn’t believe how easy the technique was. I was off and flying. My speed automatically doubled. My left foot used to be my weakest link. But the coordination and stamina I’ve built through this system is amazing. It’s been a real confidence booster and the best thing of all, IT’S FUN! Joe’s technique will open doors to new and infinite creativity. But don’t take my word for it, check it out. You won’t be sorry. Thanks Joe.

Bob Dunston, Mechanicsville, IA

I first heard of Joe in Modern Drummer and saw his ad. I was skeptical but really wanted to know if what he was professing was true. I really wanted to excel in my double bass playing and at this point would try anything to succeed, so I called him. When I first received Joe’s tapes I was amazed at what I heard and wanted to see and know how he was playing so fast, now I’m hooked. Joe has helped me improve my double bass drum playing, and my 5 and 6 way coordination immensely. He truly lives up to his name, Joe Ballistic.

I graduated from a music school and it didn’t teach about playing the cowbell with the left and right foot while playing the bass drum and hi-hat (dancing on the pedals). It also didn’t teach the ballistic technique of bass drumming. The school just basically taught hand foot combinations and running on the pedals, no technique. Dynamics are another plus with the ballistic technique because you can play fast and loud and fast and soft, but with running on your pedals, it’s just straight up, no dynamics, just volume. The price of Joe’s system is very low and reasonable compared to a private teacher. I highly recommend Joe to anyone. He is awesome. He has a lot of knowledge and plays things most people never heard before, and he’s willing to share his thoughts and ideas. I can now play a lot of fast double bass songs that I couldn’t play before. Calling Joe was the best thing I ever did.

Jesse Ohai, Kapaa HI

I’m 31 now and I’ve been playing the drums since I was 5. I always heard great drummers play their bass drums at phenomenal speeds and I wanted to play like them. About the time I was in my second year of dental school in Los Angeles, I decided to buy some double pedals so I could practice and mimic what the greats were doing. Frustrated after many months and many hours of practice during my spare time away from school, I began looking around on the internet for some instruction. My search brought up your Ballistic Drum website. Little did I know after I received the system that my bass drum playing would change forever… definitely for the better. The reason being is that your Ballistic Drum system is so educational and informative. From adjusting the pedals down to the Ballistic motion itself, nothing is left out… I didn’t have any questions because it was all there for me to explore. In short, of the many percussion items I have bought over the years, your Ballistic Drum system is by far the best investment I have made. I was so frustrated… now I have the time of my life every time I play the drums thanks to you. Every time we have friends over, they want to hear me play because my wife raves over how good I am now. Thanks again for your indispensable contribution to the world of drumming.”

Todd Wahlin, Portales, NM