Buckle Up Because You’re About To…

Develop That Bull Whip Speed In Your Wrists and Fingers, Just Like You Seen In The Tornado Chops Video, With My New “Velocity Sticks™

Also Builds Velocitized Torque In Your Whole Upper Body So You Can ZOOM Anywhere Around The Kit With No Delay Time.

Los Angeles – Just one trial with my “Velocity Sticks™” will prove that it is an amazing and indispensable tool to help you lose your old muscle memory. It will make you get used to that bull whip snap and assures, for the first time ever,that you’re strengthening your arms from the shoulder level down to the fingertips. This is the key to soloing around the toms with vicious speed and power.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits

See, I want students to use a tool that allows you to practice the correct wrist and body mechanics, overriding your old, bad muscle memory… that can be used anywhere, indoors or out, on your set or on the floor! A device that works perfectly with my tornado chops system. Why do I want you to practice with a tool like this? Well, because you’re so conditioned “muscling it” around your kit, that you need more than just a “feel” or visual reference on paper to make sure you’re not wasting energy building up the wrong muscles in your upper body.

The Quickest Way To Warm Up and

Build Up Your Wrists and Upper Body

How can you tell that you’re arms are building up “Velocitized Torque?” Easy. You’ll feel it when you suddenly IGNITE into a solo around your drum kit?  The secret to the “Velocity Sticks” lies in its unique 3 part patented design.

ONE: Weighted balls on the front of the sticks. Too much weight and you’d injure yourself. Too little and it would take you forever to get fast. The “Velocity Sticks™” have the perfect amount of weight to supercharge your speed in as little as 3 days.

TWO: Flexible shaft. This makes the “Velocity Sticks” very forgiving so there is no SHOCK in your wrists at all. Practice longer.

THREE: Over sized grip.  Gokor, my MMA and judo instructor, turned me onto the idea of working with over sized pipes to build a grip to crush apples. Obviously drummers aren’t crushing apples, but the over sized grip on the Velocity Sticks will buildup your whole hand AND give you that master level control over your sticks.

All three together guarantee that when you use the Velocity Sticks™ there is No guessing. No wondering why just playing rudiments ain’t making ya’  faster! Just the assurance that you’ll get and keep the speed you always desired.

And the biggest pay off is that…

You’ll Stop Muscling Your Upper Body And Learn To Relax While You Fly Around Your Kit

Because of it’s unique design, you’ll fall in love with this tool, Promise you. Once you start using it, all that “tensioned muscle” that deadens your speed will vanish as your limbs become velocitized… so when you need to blast off… BAM… no delay… just pure Buddy Rich speed around the kit.

Remember in the tornado chops video when I told you the principle that “when straight line ends a circle begins…” The “Velocity Sticks” anchor this principle in. You’ll finally know first hand why those legendary 80 yr old jazz cats, like my instructor Harry Damas who has arthritis in his hands, were so dang fast.

Only A Few Minutes A Day!

The “Velocity Sticks” are demonstrated in my tornado chops system, where I tell you it’s been my personal inside secret to hitting the speed barrier around my kit. You’ll really amaze yourself at how fast your hands ricochet off the toms and cymbals whether you play metal or jazz.

As you sneak in practicing with these Velocity Sticks, you’re body will get used to the new “TORNADO” way of cruising around your kit that much faster. Just like Buddy Rich and Harry Damas. Take it with you on vacation, to the office or whatever, for a tornado break.

It feels GREAT to be anxious again about playing, knowing that you’re arms move like a tornado around the kit.  It truly is an incredible tool to use. How much is it? Oh yeah, I forgot you want to know that! They’re just $49, plus s&h. Of course is comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Click the secure shopping cart button below to order.

Ballistic Yours,

Joe “Ballistic” Stronsick


Buy the Velocity Sticks and you’ll receive the $19 video, “Warm Up Exercises To Build Velocitized Torque In Your Upper Body,” For FREE.



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